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Christian Meditation

What is it?

Christian meditation is simply "being with God." Learn how it can transform your life.


Browse large variety of Christian meditation resources to heal your life & enhance your relationship with God.

Christian & Spirituality

Is there a difference between the two? Aren't all Christians spiritual?

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8-Techniques to Meditate, Renew Your Mind, & Draw Closer to God.

For Beginners

New to Christian meditation? Check out this article for beginners and how to get started.

Spiritual Morning Routine

Create a spiritual self-care routine to keep your heart pure and renew your mind.

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Rhonda Jones, created The Christian Meditator Website in 2005 after a 4-year battle with chronic depression. Since then, she has touched millions with her message and the benefits of Christian meditation through her guided meditation CDs, books, programs, and retreats. Learn more.

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