Abiding in Christ Christian Meditation Course

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Are you ready to take your Christian meditation practice to the next level?

Abiding in Christ Christian Meditation Course

Are you ready to deepen your practice or teach others the transformative power of Christian meditation?

  • Reduce Stress
  • Draw Closer to God
  • Promote Healing
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind
  • Relieve Pain & Suffering
  • Build a Spiritual Foundation

Finally, A Comprehensive Meditation Course for Christians!



* Enter into God’s presence

* Become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit

* Release your cares to the Lord

* Wash away toxic emotions

* Promote inner and emotional healing

* Heal relationships and build compassion

* Become better acquainted with yourself

* Promote physical health and well-being

* Take authority of your thought-life

In Just a Few Moments, Become a Christian Meditator

Do you have a desire to draw closer to God, to spend time in his presence, but not sure how? Many Christians are interested in Christian meditation but need some guidance on how to do it for the best possible results?

Are you battling with negative thoughts, worry, or other toxic emotions and have a hard time turning off the voices in your head? What you want more than anything is lasting peace of mind and to take control of your thought life!

Suffering from chronic pain or disease and would like to manage it naturally? Tired of medication that is making you feel worse or its negative side effects? You've heard that meditation can help with pain management and even promote healing.

Christian meditation sounds really easy in theory, but without proper instruction, you may not receive the results you desire. The majority of Christians who what to start meditating often don't where to start or how to meditate effectively.

I've introduced over thousands of Christians to meditation and it has changed their lives.

Course Highlights:

Here's a quick overview of some of the course highlights that you'll encounter:
  • Learn about the numerous benefits of Christian Meditation.
  • Access to a variety of BRAND NEW guided Christian meditations (12+) that promote peace of mind, inner and outer healing, manifesting your vision, drawing closer to God, developing more self-love, hiding God's word in your heart, and more.
  • Creating a spiritual foundation for your life.
  • Christian meditation methods, basics, and tips.
  • How to create an altar to the Lord.
  • Common meditation questions and answers and myths to avoid.
  • How to create an healing ritual that will bring more peace and joy to your life.
  • How to extend Christian meditation into your daily devotion or quiet time with God.
  • Most lessons have a "Play to Listen Button" so you can listen to the lessons as well as read them!
  • Includes journaling opportunities and spiritual growth activities to internalize your practice and renew your mind and heart.

What's Inside This Course!

The Abiding in Christ Christian Meditation online program consists of 10 modules that include topic-based lessons, guided meditations, spiritual growth exercises, tools and strategies for mental, emotional, and physical well being,  listen to the lesson audio, and tutorials.  It won't be long before you are meditating and reaping its many benefits. It is a tool that you can use for the rest of your life to draw closer to God, maintain your peace of mind, alleviate stress, and so much more.

Module #1 Getting Started

  • Getting Started
  • Questionnaire and Opening Guided Christian Meditation
  • Why This Course
  • What is Christian Meditation?
  • Benefits of Christian Meditation
  • Building Your Life on a Spiritual Foundation
  • End of Unit Wrap-up

Module #2 Building Your Christian Meditation Foundation

  • Laying a Foundation and Opening Guided Christian Meditation
  • Creating an Altar to the Lord
  • Meditation Basics and Tips
  • Setting Intentions and Understanding Spiritual Anchors
  • Christian Meditation Myths
  • Creating a Morning Ritual
  • Creating a Meditation Prayer Room or Area in Your Home
  • Get Your Started with a Morning Stretch (Videos)
  • Video Teaching and Healing Meditation

Module #3 Christian Meditation & Peace of Mind

  • Renewing the Mind
  • The Mind: The Great Trickster
  • 6 Techniques to Eliminate Negative Thoughts
  • The Importance of Relaxation in Meditation
  • Unraveling the Ego
  • Detaching from the Ego Guided Christian Meditation
  • Q and A
  • End of Unit Wrap Up


Module #4 Christian Meditation & Physical Health/Healing

  • Pain and Mindfulness
  • What the Research Shows
  • The Biblical and Spiritual Aspects of Health and Healing
  • How to Use Meditation to Alleviate Pain
  • The Spiritual Roots of Illness
  • How Your Attitude Can Affect Your Life (Video)
  • Body Sensation and Healing Guided Meditation
  • Emotional Pain Chart
  • Holy and Healthy Living 10-Step Action Plan

Module #5 Christian Meditation & Inner Healing

  • Inner Healing Part 1
  • Inner Healing Part 2
  • Inner Healing Part 3
  • Guided Inner Healing Christian Meditation
  • 3 Binding Prayers
  • Q and A
  • End of Unit Wrap Up

Module #6 Christian Meditation & Self-Love and Kindness

  • You are Loved
  • Tearing Down the Walls of Separation
  • Loving Kindness Guided Christian Meditation
  • Q and A
  • End of Unit Wrap Up

Module #7 Christian Meditation & Meditating on God's Word

  • Hiding God's Word in Your Heart
  • Scripture Meditation
  • Passage Meditation
  • Q and A
  • End of Unit Wrap Up

Module #8 Christian Meditation & Soaking (Being with God)

  • Just Being with God Through Soaking
  • Meditation Platform to Seek God
  • 3-Guided Soaking Meditations
  • Q and A
  • End of Unit Wrap Up

Module #9 Christian Meditation & Manifesting Your Vision

  • Visualize Away Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Creating Your Faith it Forward Story
  • Guided Manifesting Visualization Christian Meditation
  • Q and A
  • End of Unit Wrap Up

Module #10 Christian Meditation & Spiritual Warfare

  • You are in a Spiritual Battle
  • Spiritual Warfare Guided Christian Meditation
  • Enhancing Your Quiet Time with God
  • Q and A
  • End of Course Assessments and Questionnaires
  • End of Course Wrap Up

Three Bonus Modules Included!

Are You Ready to Get Started?

christian meditation course

At a Glance...

How It Works:

When you enroll on the Abiding in Christ Christian Meditation online training you will have immediate access to a private member area where your training materials will be delivered. You can start the course any time, there is no pressure.

You'll have access to peer support via a private member hub together with access to trainer support via our help desk and live Q and A sessions. You will also be given the opportunity to join group meditation sessions online as your course progresses. 

You will be meditating from Day 1, accessing deep states of relaxation almost immediately. Over a 10 week period you will receive progressive meditation instruction resulting in you developing the skills of a seasoned Christian meditator together with the ability to recognize and access mindful states of awareness.

Each week you will access to the next module of the course. You will need to finish the preceding modules before moving onto the next, as each lesson builds upon the prior one.

You will have lifetime access to your training materials and can revisit the training whenever you wish. We always say it is best to stick to a regular daily habit of training but the course is completely flexible - you can restart the course if you need to any time.

There's More!

  • A step-by-step program that guides you gently through how to become a Christian Meditator. Although the class is self-paced, as you progress through each Module, you will experience more peace, joy, and freedom in all aspects of your life.
  • EIGHT different 'core' meditation practices based on the weekly themes that will bring healing to many aspects of your life. 
  • Lessons to inspire and challenge you to live a more Christ-centered life.
  • Guided Christian Meditations to restore Calm to your mind, Heal your Body, Ward of Spiritual Attacks, Dwell in God's Presence, Create a Deeper Love for Yourself and Other, and More!
  • SIX methods to Eliminate Negative Thoughts that are stealing not only your joy but God's divine purpose for your  life. What we meditate on grows, so if you are manifesting blessings, it could be that you're planting and watering seeds of doubt, fear, and worry.
  • What the research shows about Meditation and Pain as well as the Spiritual Aspects of health and wellness. You'll learn 3 ways we create disease in our lives. Includes 2 great videos on attitude and Chronic disease. 
  • Learn how to Unravel Your Ego and break it's power over you.
  • Questions and answers to a WIDE variety of Christian Meditation topics.

What other people say about my Christian Meditation products and courses!

​Although based on a variety of techniques, the meditation methods you’ll learn are scientifically proven, highly effective psychological tools with real-world benefits for today’s over-complicated world. In fact, thousands of peer-reviewed scientific papers and clinical trials around the world validate that mindfulness meditation enhances mental and physical well-being and reduces chronic pain. In addition, you may be interested in the comments from some of our Christian meditation students...

Thank you so much for following your calling and creating these powerful meditations. I found you on You Tube several years ago. I have listened to the morning meditation probably 100x by now and I love how it sets the tone for my day. Last week, I sent the link to the women in my life group. I hope they take the time to check it out and feel as blessed as I do to enjoy the message and the music. You have a talent and I thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!

Brandie Company Inc

I struggled with a broken relationship and it really made me depressed and low for about 2 years. Although I might not admit it, I knew something was wrong inside of me and everyday the thoughts of guilty, regret, anger and any other emotions you can name controlling my life. One day, I happened to click one link of your email about one of your article "4 myths of Meditation". Voila! I talked to myself, maybe I will try if this is the real one from God. I bought 1 MP3 "Eliminating stress & releasing toxic emotions" I really really liked it..Then I bought 4 MP3s more..also I bought the program of "Help me God, change my life!" All I can say is wow! Everyday I always find something new in each lesson, I also can listen to God's voice more and I started to enjoy the silence which was impossible for me before.

Alice Company Inc

Course Recap:

christian meditation course content

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Self Study
  • 10 Topic Modules
  • 3 Bonus Modules
  • 12 New Guided Christian Meditations
  • Progress through this course at your own pace.
  • Have access to additional course lessons as added.
  • 24/7, Unlimited Access.
    • All in Basic Course Plus:
    • Three- 90 Minute Coaching Calls Tailored to Meet Your Needs (Via Zoom) 
    • Let me assist you with your spiritual and healing journey using guided Christian meditation, Christ-centered hypnotherapy,  Emotional Freedom Technique, and more.
    • Appointments are held in 3-weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Progressing Through the Course: 

    The first several modules are designed to be taken in chronological order as each one builds upon the others. However, after completing Modules #1 and 2, which are foundational modules, all other modules will be open to paid members. In addition, after Module #1, (Modules 2 and up) all content can be downloaded, saved, and/or added to your mobile devices.