Are You Working Harder and Not Smarter to Manifest Your Dreams?

are you working smarter or harder

What do you what to achieve? Whether you want to advance in your career, lose weight, get healthier, find your dream mate, or travel the world, it all begins with a dream and a vision.

Many of us work really hard to create and manifest the things that we want, but there is an easier way. The scriptures tell us to write the vision on the wall, to speak it into existence, to meditate on it (imagine it), and have faith it will happen. If you noticed, all of these activities begin on the inside of us, not the outside.

When it comes to manifesting our dreams, we tend to go the outer route. We’ll read lots of books, listen to the gurus, develop a business plan, and even create plans of action. In addition, often we’ll jump from one source to another seeking wisdom and advice. By the end of the day, we’re simply just more frustrated and confused!

Depending upon what you are trying to manifest, these may be necessary steps. It’s definitely important to learn and get the best information. However, many of us never move past the learning, wanting and looking stages. Many times we give up because we just don’t know what else to do.

Before our dreams and visions can become our reality, they must be deeply planted within our hearts and minds, where they have a chance to take root and grow, not on the outside but on the inside. If not, we can easily give in to fear, doubt, discouragement, and resistance.

Just think about a tall tree, the roots of that tree often go just as deep as what we can see on the top of the ground. When we try to build our visions just by taking a lot of action steps, but we haven’t cultivate it first by planting deep roots; therefore, it has no real foundation to stand upon and it doesn’t take much to bring it down.

If we put too much emphasis on the outer tasks first without having a clear vision of what we want to nurture from within, it’s easy to give up and let go of our desires, before they’ve had a chance to manifest.

Once you’ve established your desires, dreams, and visions on a spiritual foundation, then it’s simply a matter of following your heart and listening to the guidance and direction of YOUR spirit within you. That doesn’t mean you don’t continue to learn or gain outside knowledge; however, this won’t be random pulling at straws or shooting in the dark. You’ll be following your own internal guidance system that will lead you from within instead of from without. You really already have all the wisdom you need to succeed. However it takes working smarter and not harder to manifest the dreams you want, and this begins with your internal senses: imagination, feeling, thinking, speaking, and getting them all in alignment with what you want to achieve. 

Sounds a little mystical as well as daunting? It doesn’t have to be and we’d love to show you how!

Using art, meditation and even a little bit of relaxing yoga, we (Carla and I) will show you how to make your dreams reality by clarifying your desires and then planting them into the fertile soil of your heart and mind.

If you are ready to stop hoping, wishing, or living your life by default and desire to create your life and reality according to your deepest and truest desires, then you don’t want to miss our upcoming Paint and Meditate Your Wash to Success Half Day Retreat on Saturday, September 8 from 11-3 p.m. at Center Seven Studio located at 3101 33rd Avenue in Sacramento (Oakpark).

paint and meditate your way to success

During this spiritual art and meditation retreat you’ll:

• Identify and clarify your dreams, desires, or vision.

• Create your very own manifesting journal and be guided through a Pure Presence Manifesting Meditation

• Find your inner zen with a gentle yoga series to connect with your inner wisdom and calm, unleashing your creativity, dreams, and desires.

• Through painting and art create your Manifest Canvas to plant all the blessings that God has for you.

Cost is $60.00 and includes instruction, materials, and snacks. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity of work smarter and not harder to turn your desires into a reality.

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We look forward to seeing you!

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