Scripture Meditation Introductory Course

Christian Meditation Myths to Avoid

  Debunking Christian Meditation Myths Recent scientific research indicates that meditation reduces stress, increases creativity, improves cognitive function, reduces heart disease, and improves health. In fact, in 2012 study, patients with coronary heart disease were placed in a health and wellness education class or given instruction in meditation. Those in the meditation group not only […]

Scripture Meditation Introductory Course

Christian Meditation In the Life of Today’s Believer?

Christian Meditation: What is it? In the simplest terms, Christian Meditation is “Being with God.” It is dwelling in his presence. It is coming and sitting before God without an agenda; it is simply being with God for the mere pleasure of being with God. That sounds simple enough, right? But some thing gets in […]

Scripture Meditation Introductory Course

Christian Depression Help for the Weary

Christian depression is becoming more and more commonplace. Each year more than 21 million Americans, many of them Christians, are diagnosed with depression. If depression runs in your family tree, you have a greater tendency to experience depression at some time in your life. Depression is generally triggered by a crisis or loss in our […]

Scripture Meditation Introductory Course

The Battle of Every Believer

I began to study and see what the scriptures said about our minds. When we come to Christ, we think that we’re going to be instantly transformed to this new creation in Christ. We believe that many of our habits and problems are going to just disappear. Well God does work miracles, but for many of us, once the […]

christian power hour

The Christian Power Hour Set

The Christian Power Hour Devotional Set is like a daily shower of the soul. Each day you come clean before the Lord and allow him to heal and purify your heart by completing 12 easy steps. In just one hour per day, you can turn your burdens, fears, and cares over to God in exchange for his peace, love, and healing.

christian meditation retreats

Christian Meditation Retreats

[spacer size=”80″] [note color=”#a4c3ef”] Join or host a Christian Meditation retreat or workshop. Please join the mailing list for upcoming Christian meditation retreats, workshops,  and other  events. If you live in the Sacramento area and are interested in Christ-centered yoga, please visit my local site at  Rhonda is also available to host or facilitate […]