Stressed, worried, or feeling disconnected from God. Learn how Christian meditation can restore your peace, joy, and intimacy with God. Rhonda Jones is the author of 25 Christian meditation and affirmation Cds. Listen to over 52 Christian meditation and affirmation sample recordings The Christian Meditator Store.

Nothing Can Separate You from God’s Love

god's love

Although Romans 8: 38-39 Paul declares, that nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord, I am also convinced that although nothing can separate us from God’s love for us, our own fears and insecurities can keep us from receiving the blessings of His love and His very best for us.

Becoming a More Spiritual Christian

spiritual christian

If you’re a Christian, you might have wondered how you can get closer to God and become more spiritual. In this blog post, I answer the question, “What does it mean to be a spiritual Christian?” What is Christian Spirituality? Aren’t all Christians spiritual? That seems like an odd question. Most would equate spirituality with Christianity, […]

Spiritual Warfare: Deliverance from Demons and Unclean Spirits

unclean spirits

Feeling freedom to live the life they wish is important for any Christian. However, sometimes Christian’s can be influenced by unclean spirits. In this article, I explain how to free yourself from these unnecessary spirits.  Can A Christian Be Demon Possessed? Oppressed, depressed, or intense spiritual warfare going on in your life? Get deliverance today! […]

Using Christian Meditation to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Many people are struggling with depression and anxiety around the world. However, with the proper tools such as Christian meditation, anyone can overcome their depression. Thus, helping prevent future cycles of negative thinking.  Many years ago I suffered from four long years of depression that was extremely debilitating. Although Christians are supposed to have the […]

Is The New World Order Knocking At Our Back Door?

Many experts say YES! Almost 25 years ago, my little church in San Luis Obispo, California  invited an evangelist to speak for a weekend revival. Before leaving, she gave each member a flier that read, “Do Not Take the Mark of the Beast.” She encouraged us to place this flier on our refrigerators to warn […]

Divine Healing & Becoming a Generous Giver CD

  CD- $19.95 Add to Cart MP3s – $9.95 Control Negative thoughts MP3 Quieting a Restless Mind MP3   The DIVINE HEALING & BECOMING A GENEROUS GIVER Meditations begin with a progressive relaxation followed by biblical narrative and relaxing music. DIVINE HEALING: Jesus said that he has bore our sickness and healed our disease. Our […]

Christian Meditation Myths to Avoid

  Debunking Christian Meditation Myths Recent scientific research indicates that meditation reduces stress, increases creativity, improves cognitive function, reduces heart disease, and improves health. In fact, in 2012 study, patients with coronary heart disease were placed in a health and wellness education class or given instruction in meditation. Those in the meditation group not only […]

Christian Meditation In the Life of Today’s Believer?

Christian Meditation: What is it? In the simplest terms, Christian Meditation is “Being with God.” It is dwelling in his presence. It is coming and sitting before God without an agenda; it is simply being with God for the mere pleasure of being with God. That sounds simple enough, right? But some thing gets in […]

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