Bedtime Christian Meditation Helps Children Sleep

Looking for a Bedtime Christian Meditation for Children?

bedtime meditation for children

Bedtime Blessings  Christian Meditation CD

Bedtime Blessings is a bedtime Christian meditation for children to help them fall to sleep and hear positive messages about God and his love. The Bedtime Blessings Christian Meditation CD was inspired by my 5-year-old grandson. Several days ago was his mother’s birthday, therefore Tyler, my grandson, spent the night so she could go celebrate with her friends. We both were in our beds by 8:30 p.m. and sleeping soundly.  About 2:30 a.m. he hops in my bed saying he can’t stop thinking about spiders. What was even worst was he woke me up from one of the best dreams I’d had or remembered in a long time.

I just kept telling him (Tyler) to think of something nice and go back to sleep. Earlier that evening he had me rush over to look at the big spider behind the couch which turned out to be a daddy long-leg. I told him it was harmless, but I guess it left an impression on his little mind.

Okay, now feeling irritated and sleep deprived as he continues to blurt out about every 5 minutes or so reminding of the spiders, it’s now 4:00 a.m. I tell him I’m going to get my Bedtime Blessings  Christian Meditation & Affirmation CD for him to listen too. As I’m searching around my cold house trying to find the Cd player and Meditation CD he begins to whine and cry that he wants something to drink and for obvious reasons I said no.

While he’s lieing there crying in bed and me threatening to spank him, I put headphones on his cute little ears and he begins to listen to the meditation. Immediately he calms down. Twenty minutes go by and not a peep. Then he says, I want to hear it again. I tell him that there is more coming (the affirmations for young children). He says okay and it’s still quiet. Thirty minutes later I hear that lovely deep breathing that lets me now he is fast asleep.

Praise the Lord! I haven’t played that CD for him since he was an infant. Now it will become a part of my nightly ritual when he spends the night with me. I hope you will enjoy this meditation as much as he did. Learn More about Bedtime Blessings and Affirmations for Young Children CD.

christian meditation for children

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