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Best of Christian Meditations Downloads and Play buttons:

You now have the option of downloading the meditations or just listening to them from the play buttons. Just open to this page in your device to play. If you would like to download, then right-click on the title, go to save link as, and then save to your computer. You may or may not need to sync to your phone. See more information below.



Control Negative Thoughts – 22 Minutes

Vol.1-*Control Negative Thoughts (22 minutes)

Quieting a Restless Mind – 22 Minutes

Vol.1-Quieting a Restless Mind  (22 minutes)

Morning Devotion- 17 Minutes

Vol.1-Morning Devotion*

The Secret Place -11 Minutes

The Secret Place

 In His Presence – 18 Minutes

In His Presenc

Eliminating Stress and Toxic Emotions – 18 Minutes

Eliminating Stress

Abundantly Blessed – 20 Minutes

Abundantly Blessed

I Surrender – 18 Minutes

I Surrender

When I Open My Eyes Morning Meditation – 16 Minutes

When I Open My Eyes

When I Close My Eyes to Sleep – 15 Minutes

When I Close My Eyes to Sleep



Please Note: Most of the recordings are now, UNZIPPED. If you run into a recording that is not unzipped, please let me know. Thank you.


Options for Listening to or Download Meditations, Affirmations, and Music:

1. To download to computer, right-click on title, select “save as target.”  Save to a folder on your computer. Open to listen or follow directions CD player directions to burn a CD.

2. Click on title, open with Media Player or Real Player, rip music from CD and add to music library, insert blank CD, drag meditation to CD to burn.

4. To listen only, click on title.

5. If you need Real Player or Media Player, please see View Download Library Page.

Need Help Downloading? Watch Video on Opening Zip Files and Burning CD.

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