How Can I Teach Myself Christian Meditation Instead of Going to Guidance Courses?


I would say yes and no. I believe that if you are struggling in your meditation practice, feel you are doing it wrong, or cultivating some fears or strong emotions from your practice, that seeking out guidance or a teacher can be really helpful.

Over the years of teaching meditation, many people who just try to start meditating on their own without any guidance or instruction become easily frustrated and give up. This is because they don’t have a fundamental understanding of what it is and how to do it successfully. Just sitting down in a quiet room with your eyes closed is not meditating and before long your mind will drive you crazy and you’ll be saying things like, “this meditation stuff doesn’t work.” One of the most important aspects of meditating successfully is having a mental anchor. This can be your breath, a sacred word, or even a passage or scripture. Then each time your mind wanders off you can reel it back in with your anchor. The goal is to stay in the present moment.

Recently I watched a video from a women who was saying meditation actually caused her to have emotional issues. When we meditate and become quiet, our past hurts, old programming, insecurities, and fears begin to come to the surface of our consciousness. If we don’t have the tools or understanding to deal with these when they show up, it can be a little frightening. However, for most people, a few deep breaths can do wonders in releasing uncomfortable emotions.

So I would say that unless you begin to experience any of the above, you are good to go.

I love teaching meditation, especially Christian meditation. If you’d like more information …Christian Meditation- What Do You Need to Heal?

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