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Is it Okay to Use Visualization in Meditation?

Can a Christian Visualize?

By Rhonda Jones Some Christians are concerned about the use of visualization and the imagination in meditation. I have quite a few meditations that I use this technique as well.  The great thing about visualization in guided meditations is that it can bypass the consciousness mind that acts as a filter. Sometimes our conscious mind have a hard time […]

Is it okay for Christians to do Kundalini yoga?

Question:  I have a specific question about the Kundalini style meditation. I’m a Christian and been active in my church community for about 10 yrs give or take. I been having panic attacks, anger issues, lust things and debt as well. I notice that my connection or feeling part of my church isn’t there like […]

Is Christian Meditation Safe?

Some Christians fear meditation. They believe that meditation requires them to empty their minds may open the door to evil spirits entering in. However, Christian Meditation encourages you to meditate on the Lord.