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The Christian Power Hour


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  • If you are  carrying around the mental and emotional baggage from yesterday, last week, or even last year?
  • Have you been denying your feelings, hurts, and inner pain and brushing them to the side?
  • Are you holding unto unforgiveness of yourself or bitterness towards others?
  • Do you yearn to break free from the weights and negative thoughts that plague your mind?
God wants to heal you, body, mind and spirit. “Come unto me all who are burdened and have a heavy heart and I will give you rest”…”Cast all your cares upon me because I care for you.” The Christian Power Hour Devotional Set is like a daily shower of the soul. Each day you come clean before the Lord and allow him to heal and purify your heart in simple, easy steps. In just one hour per day, or less, you can turn your burdens, fears, and cares over to God in exchange for his peace, love, and joy.  Jumpstart your day with power, purpose, and success!
The ebook includes both the instructional guide as well as journal entry forms, daily scheduler, short term goals, long term goals, project flow charts, and dates to remember.  You can also purchase the accompanying I Breathe Christian Meditation download or CD at a later date, or use one of the free meditations on the website.

Customer Reviews:

[quote cite=”Amazon Review”]This is a great book, easy to read, practical, step by step instructions for spending an hour with the Lord. Believers who struggle with sitting in “the quiet place”, will treasure this book. I can’t wait to implement the strategies that Rhonda shares in this book. The charts and organizers are great tools to help me become more organized in my daily routine and to end procrastination! Thank you Rhonda for sharing this wisdom![/quote]
[quote cite=”K. Everman”]I have gained some wonderful insight, on meditation, Bible study, and how to grow in my spiritual walk, and relationship with God. It’s going to take while to figure everything, but it will be worth it. My favorite part was the “Welcoming Prayer”. I only wish I’d had it back when I started working through the healing process, relating to childhood abuse.[/quote]
[quote cite=”Mary Law”]As a believer, I am always looking for ideas to make my time with the Lord more fulfilling. I consider myself a student of the Word, and while that is wonderful, I find it difficult to just sit quietly in God’s presence. The ebook, The Christian Power Hour, has given me, step-by-step, ways (and resources) to make my daily hour with the Lord much more powerful, meaningful, and transformative. My goal is to have my power hour first, followed by study time in the Word. I know they will complement one another. If your desire is to ‘Be still and know that He is God,’ this ebook is for you! Thank you, Rhonda Jones, for an anointed work.[/quote]

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