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Morning Spiritual Warfare Guided Meditation & Affirmations

Morning Spiritual Warfare Guided Meditation

Morning Spiritual Warfare Meditation and Affirmations:  Do you feel as though you have been under spiritual attack? Problems, depression, strife, and anxiety just showing up out of the blue? I certainly have, which is why I created this Morning Spiritual Warfare Meditation with Affirmations. I also created a bedtime version that is available through the Listening Library.  To access the 4-Part Christian Meditation Video Series, CLICK HERE.  I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment.

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Rhonda Jones The Christian Meditator

Rhonda Jones is the creator of The Christian Meditator website and has produced over 25 Christ-Centered Meditation and Affirmations recordings. She is the author of the Help Me God Change My Life Program and has taught Christian meditation since 2005 through her Cds, courses, workshops, articles, and retreats. Learn how Christian meditation helped her overcome years of depression.

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