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free guide to christian meditation


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Formerly Creating Greater Intimacy with God In addition, you’ll also receive a copy of my bestselling ebook, Dwelling in His Presence (#3 bestseller on Amazon in January 2013). You may be a new Christian or have been walking with Christ for years. Yet, deep in your heart you are looking for something more, a deeper and more authentic walk with the Lord. Creating Deeper Intimacy with God shares spiritual disciplines that you can put into practice that will teach you how to experience Christ in a fuller and more satisfying way.

Dwelling in His Presence: (Reviews and Ratings):

Dear Sister Rhonda, I just got through reading your book, Dwelling in His Presence: Spiritual Disciplines to Deepen. As we know, there are no coincidences with our Heavenly Father. My 16 year old son downloaded the ebooks app on my cell yesterday. Well, to make a long story , short.. I have been feeling like I want more… I am a worship leader at my church’s women’s group.. I hear the word, I watch it… but I want more!! I couldn’t sleep last night. I will credit.the Holy Spiritfor.waking me.up at 1:00 am! He guided me to the ebook app. I scrolled.down the religious categories and stopped at your book. Needless to say I couldn’t stop reading it. At around 3 am . I closed the book and just prayed.I had a smile.on my face and couldn’t wait.for today to continue reading it. I finished it. And I wrote down the Hill of Sacrifice.. will tape to my mirror. I am going to discipline myself to memorize Gods word more. See, being that I have been active for more than 20 years in the praise & worship team… I have made the mistake of memorizing more songs than scripture!Ms. Rhonda.. Thank you for.your sincerely, foryour.time. May God continue.strengthening and blessing and using you for His glory! – In Christ, Mrs. Mariana Ramirez


Rhonda Jones, in her book Dwelling In His Presence, has some excellent information relayed in a caring way to help you draw nearer to God in intimacy. She has a heart for all to really know God and not just factual information about Him. Her life story is a great deal portrayed within the pages. Her pain and an empty void in her heart despite being saved and participating fully in the activities church offered was actually the catalyst that drew her to His presence. Her desire is to teach you strategies she has learned along the way on how to experience growth and maturity in Him that comes from learning to quiet your soul before Him and rearrange your schedule and priorities so He will gain first place in your life.Author Jones will help you immensely if you find yourself: -plagued with thoughts that keep you from fully connecting to God. – with debilitating grief and agony – in a seemingly wilderness stripped of past friends – oppressed and depressed oftenThe author was able to discover her life’s purpose when it appeared all she knew had collapsed around her. If you put these practices to work for you, there will be measurable gains and your thought life will be lined up Scripturally with the Word that will combat the darts of the enemy. Rhonda Jones has a wonderful web site out that will further be of help to you along with her CD’s that help one dwell in God’s presence. May her exhortation propel you to move forward in an exciting way. “When we have a true encounter with God, we will never be the same.”. I give this book a 5 star rating. – Valerie Caraotta (Amazon Review)


This inspirational book offers Bible-based encouragement revealed in one woman’s journey back to the heart of God. As a believer, it is so comforting to encounter testimony from others about the awesome nature of a true relationship with our living God, in our savior, Jesus Christ, and his Holy Spirit. The author’s suggestions are based on experiences from her own life, which are anchored back to God’s Word in a way that brings the Scriptures to life. One word, one love, one God, one life in our Lord. The author provides practical advice for making time to get to know Jesus better, through meditation, prayer, and seeking Him above all other things. This book is easy reading and welcome uplift, with good tools to help us on our way. – Halbo (Amazon Review)
Hello. OMG, this ebook (Creating Greater Intimacy with God) was so good. I couldn’t stop reading it. I first saw your mediation video on youtube, and I was kind of leary. Just like you said in your book, sometimes Christians think it’s occultic to meditate. I’m going to pray about it still, but I didn’t find ANYTHING in your book that made me feel “funny”, if you know what I mean. I’m going to try to find some more of your stuff to read. I’ve loved God all of my life, but I’ve just gotten serious about Him when I turned 40. That was 2 years ago, and I’m just so into Him that I don’t know what to do. I’m seeking, seeking, seeking, Him, and hoping He will answer me. I know He will, but… It just seems to be taking so long. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I really loved your book, and maybe I will start meditating. I’m just a little scared, I don’t want to do anything wrong you know! LOL…To God, be All the glory! – Pondra


This book has many helpful ideas and thoughts to think about and reflect upon. I found many deep spiritual truths that confirmed some things that God is working in my life and others that gave me new understanding. Thank you! –Debora
Practical guide to christian living, completely NEW EYE OPENER. Glory to god and thanks to Rhonda. –Dr. Ananda Sundararai
Hi Rhonda, I’ve lost my husband 2 months ago. And as you can imagine, I’ve really struggled with myself. But your book was such a blessing. I try to meditate every day and it really helps. Being intimate with God is a huge comfort. Thanks you! –Lily Meyer [/spoiler]