Christian Meditation: Getting Started

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Get started with Christian Meditation with these instructions and tips!

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  • Do you begin your morning jumping out of bed and then rushing through the morning?
  • Do you find yourself easily distracted by the urgencies of the day?
  • Do you feel like you could accomplish more if you were just a little more focused?

Did you know that how you begin your day usually dictates how you will finish your day?

Most people wouldn’t dare start their day without cleaning their bodies, but how often do we  begin our mornings without purifying our hearts, cleansing our minds, and connecting with God?  Are you aware that many people are carrying around days, weeks, months, or even years of hurt, pain, unforgiveness, anger, insecurity, guilt,  shame, and more.  When we don’t rid our hearts of these toxic emotions they become attached to the windows of our heart.  Instead of clearing them out, we bury them under a rug or hid them in a closet.  These hidden entities continue to haunt us on an unconscious level. All they need is a trigger or a reminder to set them free.

I believe God wants to heal us of our inner hurts and past pains, but sometimes it takes digging deep within, facing them head on,  and then offering these burdens to the Lord. Scripture meditation provides us with a wonderful opportunity to enter into God’s presence and allow Him to cleanse us from the inside out. In addition, through Christ-centered meditation we can also begin the process of renewing our minds and bringing every thought under the obedience of Christ.

Try one of my popular meditations to give God the first fruits of your day.  You will leave your meditation time feeling more calm, peaceful, and grounded in the Lord. With a consistent  meditation practice you’ll begin to notice that you’re less distracted, more focused, and able to get more done throughout your day. You will also draw closer to God, begin to sense His presence, and become more in-tune with your inner spirit, the still small voice of God in your heart.

free christian meditation morning devotion

Christian Meditation Basics

First, it’s best to meditate first thing in the morning. If you need to, get up 20 minutes earlier. When you first wake up you are more open to God’s Spirit and have less distractions.

Find a comfortable chair and get seated. You can also sit up in bed and rest your back against your headboard. If possible, sit with your legs in a  criss-cross position. Wrap yourself in a warm blanket, click the play button, and enjoy 20 minutes of peace and dwelling in God’s presence as you listen to one of our Biblical meditation recordings. At the end of the meditation, spend a few minutes in silent. If you have any impressions or inspirations from God, record them in a journal.

Quick Overview:

  1. Get Seated in a Comfortable Chair
  2. Close Your Eyes
  3. Relax and Listen
  4. Record any inspirations or impressions in your journal.


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