Family and Relationships Listening Library

This listening library includes meditations and affirmations that have to deal with couples, children, and relationships.

In Loving Memory (Grief)  Meditation

Length: 24 Minutes

Biblical Bedtime for Children Christian Meditation

Length: 17 Minutes

Successful Marriage Christian Affirmations

Length: 20 Minutes

Divine Protection  Affirmations

Length: 17 Minutes

The Joy Train Meditation for Young Children

Length: 10 minutes

Christian Affirmations for Children

Length: 22 Minutes

Finding a Love Relationship Christian Meditation

Length: 26 Minutes

Interceding for Loved Ones Christian Meditation

Length: 20 Minutes

Raising Godly Children Affirmations

Length: 26 Minutes

Eliminating Negative Emotions (Older Children)

Length: 11 minutes