Christian Meditation Challenge


It's Better to Give

Before the Meditation:

  • If you need to, re-read the Christian meditation Do's and Don'ts in the Christian Meditation Challenge introduction.
  • Find a quiet location to sit upright and get comfortable.


Are you going through a tough financial time right now? Do you find it hard to give the way you want without feeling like you are putting yourself deeper into deficit? Is it hard for you to bring yourself to tithe consistently? How about that homeless man you always see in front of your job with the cardboard sign. Do you avoid him in the hopes that he won’t ask you for any money that you feel you already are in lack of? Luke 6:38 says: “Give and you shall receive. Your gift will return to you in full – pressed down, shaken together, to make room for more, running over and poured into your lap.” The idea here is that when you give genuinely and cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7) from your heart, regardless of what your current situation is, God will make sure that it is returned to you in a bigger way and at His perfect time. He wants you to put your total trust in Him so that he can show you just how much He loves and cares for you. This not only applies to money, but also being generous in your words, actions and time. Before starting today’s meditation, I would like for you to conduct a little experiment. Take your hand and make a really tight fist. Keep it clenched! Now get a friend or family member to try prying your fist open, but continue to keep it clenched and unyielding. Could anything get in or out? Be honest with yourself in this moment. What did you discover that happened?

Cultivating Generosity

After the Meditation: 

  1. Sit in silence for a few moments.
  2. Journal about your meditation experience or any new insights.
  3. Don't judge how well you did. All that matters is you did it!
  4. Thank God and yourself for taking the time to BE STILL in God's Presence.
  5. Listen to the meditation again in the evening.