Christian Meditation Challenge


Spiritual Reality Check-up?

Before the Meditation:

  • If you need to, re-read the Christian meditation Do's and Don'ts in the Christian Meditation Challenge introduction.
  • Find a quiet location to sit upright and get comfortable.


In today’s age, we are more inclined to keep up with our doctor’s appointments for our physical body than we are to keep up with our appointments with our divine healer for our spiritual body. Just as our organs, tissues, and other beautifully intricate systems within us can occasionally go array and off balance, so can our spirit if we are not checking in regularly with God, our divine Physician. Is there some negative thinking and self-talk you are struggling with? Is your spirit feeling backed up with feelings of regret, unworthiness, shame, repressed words, past hurts, afflictions or even a broken heart that needs mending? Are you in a constant whirlwind of spiritual sickness and don’t know how to stop feeling dizzy? Jeremiah 33:6 – “Behold, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth.” Here’s another little secret I want to share with you: when you receive divine healing for your spirit, you also allow God to heal your physical afflictions as well! Because our mind, body and spirit are all connected, you will inevitably have access to being physically healed because you have developed a deeper relationship with God. How awesome is that? Before starting today’s meditation, I want you to start digging deeper and exploring the things that may have been on your heart and mind for some time now. What is plaguing your spiritual and physical health right now? What is preventing you from serving God with a clean mind, body and spirit?

After the Meditation: 

  1. Sit in silence for a few moments.
  2. Journal about your meditation experience or any new insights.
  3. Don't judge how well you did. All that matters is you did it!
  4. Thank God and yourself for taking the time to BE STILL in God's Presence.
  5. Listen to the meditation again in the evening.