A Date with God Ebook


A Date with God Ebook includes the instructional guide and journal templates for duplicating.


  1. Zenovia Palmer

    This book is amazing as is all of Rhonda’s Christian meditation works. I plan to use all of the tools and guides she references in this book. I will use them especially to create a prayer rule (as used by the orthodox Christians). I am so glad that my therapist recommended Christian meditation which led me to YouTube which led me to The Christian Meditator, Rhonda Jones. I am so excited about my date with God, daily, as I worship him in spirit and in truth. I am so excited about people like Rhonda Jones, who not only share their personal stories, but who also help us along in our journey in gaining more depth for learning about how to spend more time with, and knowing more about our God and how to please him!

    Today, I am so grateful to God for sending people like The Christian Meditator, Rhonda Jones, to help me with going deeper and learning how to, or ways I can spend more time with him.

    This book will touch your life in more ways than you can imagine. Especially if you enjoy and/or need structure. I urge you to purchase this book if you are feeling down, anxious, any type or form of depression. It will definitely help you as it is going to help me tremendously.

    I have already begun to see a major shift in my life based on the tools I have learned in this book. My faith it forward story is so awesome.

    May God continue to bless the Christian Meditator, Rhonda Jones and all who believe, trust, read and follow his word!

  2. Rhonda Jones

    Hi Zenovia, I am so glad the book has been a blessing to you and thank you so much for sharing. The faith is forward stories are powerful. We are to speak those things that be not as though they already were. I would also suggest reading it right before you drift off to sleep, as when we are in a pre-sleep or very relaxed state, our subconscious mind will embrace it more fully and get to work on it, without the conscious mind sabotaging our vision with doubt. Please keep me posted. Thanks again for writing, I really appreciate it.

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