Christ-Centered Healing Yoga 3-Part Series - Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation

Christ-Centered Healing Yoga 3-Part Series


Class dates: Saturdays, May 9-23, 2020, from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. via Zoom Online.  

Please Note: After payment, you’ll receive a link to register. If you don’t receive it, just message me. You will receive a password to enter class prior to the start of class.

Class Series Description:

I have taught this class locally in my hometown and am now bringing it to my Be Still & Know membership family.

Over the course of 3-weeks, we will use Christ-Centered Healing Yoga integrated with a variety of healing tools to work through any problem area(s) in our lives.  Classes also include prayer and guided meditation.

  • Week # 1- Expose
  • Week # 2- Feel
  • Week # 3- Heal

Yoga poses are slow and gentle and appropriate for beginners. No yoga experience necessary. All you need is a yoga mat, pillow, book or block, strap or belt, and water.

Why Yoga? Yoga contains three healing components. These include the breath that helps with emotional regulation, movement to help us push out emotional toxins from the body, and lastly, cognition or the mind, bringing our thoughts in unity with God and Spirit.

You will receive class handouts and simple homework for each class. At the end of the 3-week session, you can reuse this process to heal other areas of your life as well.

All three classes will be recorded and available within the membership portal.  If you miss a class or just want to revisit it, it’s available.  Classes are recorded so you can watch again or if you missed one. 

Hopefully, we will all be off of lockdown soon, but in the meantime, we can use this time to access our inner resources and find that quiet places from within.

Healing is not about suppression. It only takes the right trigger to flood us with pain and anxiety. Instead, I believe God wants us to expose the darkness in our lives and bring it into His light. Only then can we make peace with our fears, root them out, release them, and offer them up to God. I would love to join in that process with you.

When we heal, we no longer need to live in the past — reviving and reliving the same stories over and over again. When we heal, we can create a new story.

Take this time for yourself. Come together with me like-minded believers in a community of love, support, and yoga. J


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Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation