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The Bibles tells us that our steps can be ordered by the Lord. Learn how to find God’s purpose and direction in life by seeking Him wholeheartedly.

How Can I Succeed in College While Having Depression?


My dear friend. You do not have to live with depression as a student in college or otherwise. Some depression is caused by a chemical imbalance and then you’d need to see a doctor; however, 90% of depression stems from the negative thoughts and destructive mindsets that parade around in our head. I know because […]

What Exactly Does a Christian Meditation Coach Do?

Christian Meditation Coach

Have you been considering or tried meditation and think you might be interested in working with a Christian meditation coach? As a new believer you might have stumbled on Christian meditation and you have tons of unanswered questions. Here is what you need to know about Christian meditation coaching. In simple terms, a Christian meditation […]

How is Christian Meditation Different from Relaxation or Sleeping?


Although relaxation and sleeping can have a calming effect upon your mind, they differ from meditation. Meditation is a discipline. The purpose of meditation is to create more peace and joy in your life by training your mind and learning to detaching from your thoughts. This allows us to live our life more purposefully than […]

What Would Be One Book About Your Faith That You Would Recommend To Someone Who Doesn’t Practice the Same Faith?


I would recommend the book Jesus Calling if you’re interested in reading a book about faith. Jesus Calling is a daily devotional that includes inspired messages from God. As you read it, you literally feel as though God is speaking just to you. The messages all center around spending quiet time with God, trusting Him, […]

How Do I Practice Mindfulness If I am a Christian?


Being mindful is being aware. Aware of both your internal (thoughts, emotions) and external environments. When we are practicing mindfulness, we are not lost in the daydreams of our mind. Instead, we are fully present and living in the here and the now. Practicing mindfulness is a discipline. To start, simply pay attention to the […]

How Does Christian Meditation Affect Other Aspects of Your Life?

aspects of your life

Meditation, specifically Christian meditation, has probably had the single most impact on my life. I believe that meditation whether Christian or not, can affect different aspects of your life. Before I discovered meditation, being still, and taking charge of my thought life, I suffered from a debilitating depression. I pretty much stumbled upon meditation one […]

Am I Going to Heaven? Take this simple test to find out.

  Questioning whether you’re going to heaven? Take this simple test to find out. Select Only One:  ___ I am a good and moral person. ___ I go to church regularly. ___ I pray to God. ___ I keep all the 10 commandments… “Thou shall not kill…” ___ I believe in God. ___ I have had a life […]

Should Christians Be Prepping for the End Times?

Rapture or not, perilous times are ahead. The question is, “Christians Prepare?” Some Christians believe that God will take care of them and that all they need to do is “trust God.” Others believe that just as Noah built the ark, we must prepare for the coming destruction upon the Earth whether it be an […]

You Are Right Where You Need to Be

I’ve Gone Full Circle Life is a journey that is to be lived one day at a time. When I started the journey of developing my Christian meditation ministry, it was created out of pain and emptiness. Pain over an ending relationship and the emptiness of attending church week after week and feeling hopeless and […]

Turn Your Passions into Profits

I have been making a living on the internet for several years now.  Many years ago I struggled with a deep depression.  Then one day while sitting in my car, I stumbled the healing power of Biblical meditation. Because I wanted others to experience the benefits of spending extending time with God, my Christian meditation and […]

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