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Are You Satisfied with Your Quiet Time with God?


I recently did a survey that told me that over 85% of Christians were not satisfied with their quiet time with God, yet 97% said it was essential to their Christian walk.  What do you think was at the top of the list? Distractions! Our society has become so busyness oriented that it really feels foreign to just “be […]

How Demons Operate in the Spirit Realm (Video)

How demons operate in spirit realm

By Rhonda Jones Just recently I came across this video on how demons operate in the spiritual realm and found it very informative.  The video is the true account of a man who was taken to the 2nd heaven to learn about the various types of demons and their duties. Satan’s main strategies are distraction, […]

Christian Meditation Music – The Christian Meditator

Christian Meditation Music

Learn about & listen to Christian Meditation Music guaranteed to bring you closer to God. Summary: Christian Meditation Music brings you closer to God, learn about it and find out how. Christian Meditation Music is a calming and relaxing state of awareness that intensely focuses on thinking about God & Holy Scriptures. Here I will […]

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