6 Ways to Start and Maintain a Daily Christian Meditation Practice

 6 Ways to Start and Maintain a Daily Christian Meditation Practice

By Rhonda Jones

Meditation plays a very important role in the spiritual growth of a Christian. The meaning of meditation is focusing your thoughts to think on, ponder or muse about something. The main aim of meditation for Christians is to empty the mind of the bad things and fill it with what is right according to the Scriptures. Christian meditation has some really great benefits. These include controlling negative thinking, maintaining peace of mind and getting closer to God. In order to unleash the amazing benefits of Christian meditation, you should make it a daily habit. Here are 6 ways to start and maintain a daily Christian meditation practice.

1. Identify a good spot for your meditation

When meditating, it is important to have a peaceful environment free from any interruptions. Find a place in your house or elsewhere where you can get some quality alone time. The purpose of Christian meditation is to personalize and internalize the scripture and let its truth transform our actions, thoughts attitudes and even your life. By finding a good spot for your meditation, you will be able to carry out reflective reading of the Word of God and reflect on what you have understood. Your environment during meditation should make you relaxed and able to ponder upon the Scriptures effectively.

  1. Make a goal to connect with God through meditation daily

You should ensure that you meditate on the Word of God daily. At first, you should not set time limits. By setting time limits, you will make the meditation look like a chore and you will get lazy and find yourself not meditating at all. What you should do is tell yourself that you have to set some time for meditation. It does not matter which time of the day or how you do it as long as you manage to get some quality time to meditate on the Scriptures. After some time, you will definitely get used to it and you can now start using a fixed schedule.

  1. Meditate in the morning immediately after you wake up

The key to having a fantastic day is meditating in the morning. The great thing about Christian meditation is that it makes you feel closer to God. You will have the courage to face any challenge that comes your way during the entire day. It is such a great feeling.

  1. Find a guided meditation that you love

There are lots of Christian meditation guides out there. They come in the form of Cds, handbooks, videos, audio, journals, magazines, books and many other forms. Once you identify a Christian meditation guide that will work for you, use it. This way, you will have a step by step guide to follow during your Christian meditation sessions daily. Ensure that the guided meditation you get is Christian based and will not compromise your faith.

  1. Invite others

It is always a great idea to invite others once in a while during your meditation sessions. It could be your spouse, children, roommates, family or friends. Guide them through a short guided meditation. However, don’t force anyone to join you. It is best if you lead by example. This way, they will even respect you and give you time to meditate and they might join you sometimes.

  1. Understand how good you will feel afterwards.

Christian meditation gives one a great feeling afterwards. You get comfort from reminding yourself that God is still there for you. By reading and reflecting upon the Word of God, you know that you are not alone and that others have faced even more difficult situations than yours and God has seen them through the hard times. You are also armed with the strength to overcome bad habits or other addictive behaviors. You are able to relieve yourself of your burdens and place them in God’s hands.

Remember not to fill yourself with guilt if you skip one day of meditation. Creating a habit takes time. Just ensure that you keep pushing yourself and be willing to actually make daily Christian meditation part of your daily Christian life. Soon enough, you will find that meditation will be part of you and you can’t do without it, just like you cannot stay without food. I wish you all the best as you begin your daily Christian meditation.  Be sure and check out our Product Library!

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