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Christian meditation is a powerful spiritual discipline that can change your life and relationship with God. Learn how to meditate to restore your peace of mind, reduce stress, find inner healing, and draw closer to God. 

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  • Enhance your quiet time with God.
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“Be Still & Know That I Am God.” – Psalms 46:10

What are the Benefits of Christian Meditation?

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Develop More Intimacy with God

Draw closer to God and enhance your quiet time with Him.

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More Peace of Mind & Joy

Overcome negative thoughts and maintain your peace of mind.

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Heal Inner Hurts & Pains

Uncover your past pains and release them to God for inner healing.

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Eliminate Daily Stress

Uncover your past pains and release them to God for inner healing.

Christian Meditation Academy Overview & Benefits:

  • Build a your life on a spiritual foundation and discover the “real” source of your depression, anxiety, stress, discontentment, or pain.
  • Learn how to meditate effectively as a Christian to renew your mind, purify your heart and reduce, even eliminate, negative thoughts, worry, fear, and toxic emotions. 
  • Receive tools to establish a personal Christian meditation morning routine to keep your mind and heart pure, deepen your relationship with God’s, and experience more of His peace, joy, and presence.
  • Includes courses and programs that allow you to go deeper and work on various other aspects of your life (physical health, relationships, vision, etc.)
  • Receive support and connection from other like-minded disciplines who want to work on their inner journey and grow spiritually.

REAL Customer Testimonials

“They are a Blessing Indeed” Dear Rhonda, My name is Dr. Deni Weber and I am a Christian psychologist. I ran across your website a while back and ordered the first 4 Cd Set you were offering at the time. I don’t remember exactly how long I have had them … I’d say well over a year – but I’m not sure. I use them routinely.
Deni Weber, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
I love “In His Presence” meditation. There’s no better place to go to whenever you feel you need a vacation. I really feel like I’ve visited our Lord because I can finally relax & focus on Him when I listen to this CD. I’ve tried to be still & be with the Lord, but I have such a busy mind & didn’t know how to quiet my mind till I got this CD.
Hi Rhonda, I want to say thanks for your work in Christian Meditation. I believe they are all inspired by the Holy Spirit. I consider myself as a ‘strong’ Christian, I read my Bible everyday along with daily devotional and memorize scriptures and also have a healthy Christian community.
Thank you very much for sharing your Christian meditation methods. I have had borderline high blood pressure reaching into the 140s for a couple of years, but today I practiced Christian meditation at the doctor’s office and my pressure went down to 127/76 which I have never seen before.