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How Christian Meditation Healed My Life

I believe in thriving, not just surviving. There was a time, four years long, when I battled deep depression. I tried everything – prayer, counseling, medication – in search of relief. One day, in the parking lot of my kid’s school, overwhelmed with emotional pain, I began deep breathing exercises, repeating to myself, “I release pain” with each exhale. In about 10 minutes, the pain vanished, replaced by a profound peace.

In that stillness, God revealed that my chronic negative thoughts were the root of my depression. I realized I had been constantly putting myself down throughout the day. This was the beginning of my healing journey. Over the next six months, I combined relaxation techniques with scriptures to quiet my mind and banish negative thinking. This led to restoration of my peace of mind, and deepened my intimacy with God through extended periods of silence and solitude.


How the Christian Meditator Came into Being

I was inspired by God to create my first Christian meditation CD, “Controlling Negative Thoughts.” Now, I have a collection of over 100 Christ-centered meditation and affirmation recordings covering various topics, all designed to align with Christian faith. In 2012, I authored “Help Me God! Change My Life,” a 12-week Biblically-based program integrating Christian Meditation and God’s word with practical lessons for healing and balance in seven core areas of life.

Fast forward almost two decades, and I’ve developed numerous Christian meditations, affirmations, and courses, impacting hundreds of thousands of believers worldwide. I often receive testimonials about how Biblical meditation has transformed lives, just as it did mine. It’s astonishing how many believers silently struggle. Even those who seem to have it all together can be hurting deeply. I recently watched a video by a believer with over 300,000 followers who openly shared his battle with a debilitating mental illness.

Our true struggle lies in the spiritual realm, against principalities and powers of darkness. To reclaim our power, we must renew our minds and wholeheartedly embrace God’s Word. Embracing God’s manifest presence in our lives is crucial for navigating the challenges ahead.

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This is me in Florence after hosting a Christian Meditation Retreat in Italy, 2019.


Draw Near to God and He Will Draw Near to You

While some may question my Christian beliefs or categorize them as “new age,” I want to emphasize that my faith is firmly grounded in the Bible and the teachings of Christ, whom I follow as a devoted disciple. I embraced Jesus as my Lord and Savior at the age of 21, a moment that brought immense joy to both myself and my exuberant grandmother.

Even though I didn’t experience an immediate transformation or hear any dramatic signs, my life underwent a profound shift. Over the next two decades, I actively engaged in various ministries, from teaching Sunday School to participating in witnessing efforts. However, as time went on, I found myself growing disillusioned with the institutional church, but not with my faith in God.

While I credit much of my scripture memorization to Bible studies and weekly sermons, I can confidently say that my relationship with Christ flourished when I started seeking Him independently. No level of church involvement or service can substitute for the depth, intimacy, and fulfillment that comes from dwelling in God’s presence and truly internalizing His Word.

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Being One with Christ

The Messiah taught that the Most High seeks worship in Spirit and Truth. Only by abiding in His Vine can we witness His fruit flourishing within and around us. Apart from Him, our efforts yield little of lasting value. I hesitate to label myself as an average Christian, as it often carries negative connotations. Instead, I see myself as a child of the Most High and a devoted disciple of Christ. I proudly declare Christ as my personal Lord and Savior, recognizing Him as God’s son and the greatest teacher in history. My goal is to be a vessel He can work through, constantly renewing my mind, shedding my old nature, and following the path of the Spirit, which encompasses God’s love, harmony, and peace within myself, with others, and in the world.

Participants at a Christian Meditation Retreat working on their Manifesting Journals.


Work and Hobbies

I am also a retired public school resource teacher where I work with students K-3 who struggle with reading. I really loved my job. In my spare time I love to garden.  I’m also very passionate about health and fitness and really do my best to stay healthy and seek out natural alternatives to illness. I’m always pulling out my essentials oils for all types of ailments and they really do work!


*About to teach a session at a previous God Getaways Christian Meditation Retreat!

Need Rhonda’s Bio? 

This evening I’d like to introduce you to our guest instructor, Rhonda Jones. It was meditation integrated with the scriptures that helped Rhonda overcome years of depression, find inner healing, and draw closer to God. This motivated Rhonda to create The Christian Meditator website in 2005 to share this transformative and healing practice with others. Since then, Rhonda has impacted many all over the globe with her original guided meditations and other resources.  In addition, she is the author of The Christian Meditation JournalDetox Your Life and Awaken Your Inner Spirit, the UnPlug Retreat Kit, and several Christian Meditation courses. Rhonda is also the owner and facilitator of God Getaways, where she has hosted international Christian meditation retreats in California, Italy, Costa Rica, and Mexico. You can learn more about Rhonda at https://thechristianmeditator.com.

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