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God Bless You!

Hi Rhonda I just want to say thank you and God bless you for this great session in meditating on love. I am so blessed by listen to your prayers and even soaked in my tears. Feeling the presence of God ushering love once more in my life. Reaffirming everything he has said to me… Read more “God Bless You!”


They are a Blessing Indeed

“They are a Blessing Indeed” Dear Rhonda, My name is Dr. Deni Weber and I am a Christian psychologist. I ran across your website a while back and ordered the first 4 Cd Set you were offering at the time. I don’t remember exactly how long I have had them … I’d say well over… Read more “They are a Blessing Indeed”

Dr. Deni Weber
Christian Psychologist

Love It!

Good Morning Ms. Jones, My name is Latricia and I am a Life and Wellness Coach.  I am currently working on creating several programs for my practice, a Whole Food detox cleanse program, a Healthy Living Program (called “Toss the Scale”) and also am interested in a “Detox Your Life” focused program.  I came across… Read more “Love It!”


In His Presence

I love “In His Presence” meditation.  There’s no better place to go to whenever you feel you need a vacation.  I really feel like I’ve visited our Lord because I can finally relax & focus on Him when I listen to this CD.  I’ve tried to be still & be with the Lord, but I… Read more “In His Presence”


Thanks Alot Rhonda. This Worked!

By the way, I had an interesting conversation with my 12 year old daughter today.  She is taking yoga at school.  She did a guided meditation the other day that she really liked.  She and I discussed the danger of doing yoga/meditation linked with Eastern religion.  I told her how important it was to enjoy… Read more “Thanks Alot Rhonda. This Worked!”

Renee L. Bradford

Blood Pressure Went Down

Thank you very much for sharing your Christian meditation methods. I have had borderline high blood pressure reaching into the 140s for a couple of years, but today I practiced Christian meditation at the doctor’s office and my pressure went down to 127/76 which I have never seen before. Thank the Lord! Thank you for… Read more “Blood Pressure Went Down”


Praise God!

Hi Rhonda…I wanted to introduce myself and connect with you. My name is Cindy. I live in Florida and I have purchased your course Help me God Change my Life and I’m on week 3. Before I got your book I started listening to your meditations on Youtube and I have to tell you that… Read more “Praise God!”


Help Me God

Hi Rhonda, I want to say thanks for your work in Christian Meditation. I believe they are all inspired by the Holy Spirit. I consider myself as a ‘strong’ Christian, I read my Bible everyday along with daily devotional and memorize scriptures and also have a healthy Christian community. I know the power of God’s… Read more “Help Me God”


I Feel Changes in my Body

Hi Rhonda Its a blessing and a will of God that I decide to take my membership on Faithful earth serious. This happened when I decided to explore this christian site of which I’ve a member for some time. I believe that was Gods plan because I lost hope in the areas of my life.… Read more “I Feel Changes in my Body”


A Divine Meeting

Rhonda, you have been such a blessing in my life right now. I believe that it is a divine meeting to have found you. I plan on purchasing your program soon when finances come into order and am counting on God for that. Your youtube videos and your website has been a literal God send… Read more “A Divine Meeting”


Wow Have They Helped Me

Hi Rhonda – I have ordered a few of your meditation CD’s and wow have they helped me! I went through a really bad spell recently, changing depression meds and felt so uptight. I popped those CD’s in and it was like taking a tranquilizer. The Lord has truly annointed you for this ministry. Thank… Read more “Wow Have They Helped Me”


I Did It!

After a search on the internet for Christian Meditation I was so blessed to find your meditations and they immediately started to change how easily it was to renew my mind and stay calmer during the day.  As I searched your website I decided to download the Detox Your Life ebook (Now Help Me God… Read more “I Did It!”


I Love Your CDs

 I love your CD’s and share them with friends whenever possible. I myself have wanted to make a CD like yours for a long time now. I even have a lot of text saved that I wanted to be on it. I am a firm believer in keeping control of your thought life. Mine was… Read more “I Love Your CDs”


Christian Meditation Changed My Life

I have found a new internal peace since starting Christian Meditation. My comprehension of scripture has improved and I feel so much happier. Most of my thoughts are positive. When I get a negative thought its soon gone, I replace it with abba or the Lord is my Shepherd.  Other people have also noticed a… Read more “Christian Meditation Changed My Life”


Absolutely Wonderful

Dear Rhonda, Thank you for your prompt response, I ironically just received the CDs that afternoon and have heard 3 already and are absolutely wonderful!! Thank you so much, I will certainly be adding more to the collection and have shared your website details with many other Christians that I am sure that will also… Read more “Absolutely Wonderful”


I Keep the Affirmations in my Car

I thank God that I came across your website for Christian meditation and affirmations.  I have used your meditation and affirmations for about a month and have seen a dramatic difference in my thought patterns and levels of stress.  Before I came across your meditations and affirmations I found myself unable to change those self-defeating… Read more “I Keep the Affirmations in my Car”

 Roshaun Gendrett

Love the Emails

Wow I love all of the emails that you are sending. You know I have been praying for God to heal me Spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally and he is doing just that. God has just answered one of my prayers, which is to eat healthier and I am definitely going to read more into… Read more “Love the Emails”


Changing the Lives

Rhonda Jones and her work is amazing, and changing the lives of so many. I was originally looking for some “Christian” Meditations to do, to calm me, and I stubbled onto her website: thechristianmeditator.com This book will change your outlook on life. It offers hope and prayer to the hurt and hopeless. “Help Me God!… Read more “Changing the Lives”


Love to start the day with Morning Devotion

God is using you greatly in this house! We love to start the day with Morning Devotion…We just love the way you set us out to our days by praying God’s protection, promises, and casting out all evil from around us in the mighty name of Jesus…I am an office manager in a church and… Read more “Love to start the day with Morning Devotion”

Beth Swan

Soaking in the Truth

I have been fighting depression of late and found your website.  I have been listening to abundantly blessed.  Wow!  Thank you so much for your ministry. I have been soaking in the truth and look forward to what the Lord is going to do.… Read more “Soaking in the Truth”


Improve my Relationship with God

Thank you very much! I plan to get a few more–haven’t been to your site recently and see you have a lot more meditations. I just want you to know how much these help me. Sometimes, when I listen I fall asleep because your voice is very serene–this is OK because I suffer from terrible… Read more “Improve my Relationship with God”


Instrument from the Lord in my Life

I stumbled on you a couple of weeks ago and already I can tell such a difference. I am trying to follow your guidelines and set aside time daily to get still and quiet with God.  I always start with one of your youtube meditations.  You will never know what an instrument from the Lord… Read more “Instrument from the Lord in my Life”


Found Deep Fellowship with God

Dear Rhonda, your website has filled the last piece of my spiritual puzzle. I am a person who is going for deepness and who is seeking for the cor of everything. I was attracted to Indian and Asian meditation but did not get into it because of the non-christian fundamentals. In my walk with God… Read more “Found Deep Fellowship with God”


Thanks for your Encouraging Words and Testimonies

Thank you for all you encouraging words and your testimonies.  It has truly been a blessing to me.  I’ve been up all night to nite listening to your Faith Affirmations and some other meditations and really began to click for me.  No matter how bad it appeared, I began to think bout scriptures like we… Read more “Thanks for your Encouraging Words and Testimonies”


Discovered your website by God’s Grace

Dear Rhonda, I have read some books on Christian meditation and have been practicing some form of christian meditation until I discovered your website by God’s Grace. Your website, the free meditation downloads, your ebooks like creating greater intimacy with God (now Dwelling in God’s Presence)  and the various articles you write and send me by email have all… Read more “Discovered your website by God’s Grace”


Anxious to receive your CD

Dear Rhonda, I am so very anxious to receive this CD. I found your website and have been playing your introduction over and over, day after day. It is incredible how it has ministered to my brokenness.  I have been in a desert for about 5 years; following a time of tremendous ministry, that has… Read more “Anxious to receive your CD”

Melanie da Silva

Grateful to God that I found you

Dear Rhonda Jones,  I am thankful for you and Christian Meditator.  I have downloaded Joy Affirmations (which my daughter and I have listened to almost every morning for the past 2 weeks) and do your 5-min meditations that you send via e-mail.  Soon, I will be purchasing the CD set of meditations. I am grateful… Read more “Grateful to God that I found you”


Your Christian Meditation CD’s are a Godsend!

Rhonda your Christian Meditation CD’s are a Godsend! I had my first anxiety/panic attack in February that turned into a depression and probably a nervous breakdown helped me tremendously since it brought me to the source. I didn’t find hope in the doctors, friends and family that went through anxiety and depression (although it soothed… Read more “Your Christian Meditation CD’s are a Godsend!”


Christian Meditation saved my life

I am proud to say thank you for everyday Christian Meditation, to be honest I was a person who had a lot of negative thinking and I had a lot of judgement , and after I bought a CD called controlled negative I started practicing meditation by using that CD before bed time, and it was new things… Read more “Christian Meditation saved my life”

Anna Marie

Your CDs gives me Instant Peace

Rhonda, I did try it. In fact, my mind was racing in the middle of the night with anxiety and panic stricken thoughts (financially). When I listened to the sample, it give me almost instant peace. I would say that on a scale of 1-10 (10 being major anxiety), it settled me to a 2-3… Read more “Your CDs gives me Instant Peace”

Much love, Michael

Wonderful Guided Meditation

Rhonda, my husband and I have just implemented a “power hour” each morning in order to deal with the stress of our lives. We’re both full commission real estate agents in the Detroit area. With our state economy riding on the auto industry, to say that we’re stressed out right now is such an understatement.… Read more “Wonderful Guided Meditation”


Christian Meditations are a God send

Hi Rhonda, Wow is all I can say. Your Christian Meditations are a God send. Your voice is so calming, so sweet, and so reassuring and the messages and how you present them is definitely a gift God has given you to help people like myself. The last three years of my life have been… Read more “Christian Meditations are a God send”

Molly M

God led me to your Website

For many different reasons that I won’t go into, my life over the last 6 months has been overwhelmed with grief and stress coming from all directions. I knew that I needed something, some kind of help to get me through,especially since focusing while trying to read Scripture had become extremely difficult. In my distress… Read more “God led me to your Website”


Touching hundreds of Lives

Dear Rhonda, I just signed up for the daily meditation at my office here in the Santa Barbara County Jail. I also receive it at home, which I use personally, and find most effective. I began giving it to the inmates! It is helping tremendously Rhonda, and I want to thank you very much for… Read more “Touching hundreds of Lives”

In Him, Jo Anne

Your work is an Answer to prayer

Dear Rhonda, I have been listening to your meditations for a month or so now and want you to know that your work here is an answer to prayer. I’ve struggled with depression for several years and nothing has helped me overcome it, but as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I knew in… Read more “Your work is an Answer to prayer”


I had no pain

I Had No Pain Whatsoever Until the Baby Was Born! I just wanted to let you know how your CD’s have blessed my life. I have had 5 babies born through inductions which resulted in very hard, painful labors. I received epidurals with all 5! When I was pregnant with my 6th, I was determined… Read more “I had no pain”

Julie G

Christian meditation has Changed Our Life!

It (Christian meditation) Has Changed Our Life! Hi Rhonda,  Although I was a Christian for 22 years, the intimacy was never there until I started meditating two years ago. I thought or was led to believe that meditation was only for the Eastern culture. Christian were not suppose to meditate because other spirits lurking in… Read more “Christian meditation has Changed Our Life!”

Carmen Goudie, Florida

I Felt More Calm

I Felt More Calm After Using the Meditation Cd’s. Dear Rhonda, From my earliest childhood the only way felt I could survive in my home was to hide my feelings,suppress my emotions, and deny myself to keep peace in the house. In time I grew into a total people pleaser and was miserable. My every… Read more “I Felt More Calm”

Lillie Sayles, Duncanville, Texas

Meditation has helped me to keep my Pain Levels Under Control

Meditation and Relaxation Has Helped Me to Keep my Pain Levels Under Control! Hello Rhonda, I suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic myofascial pain, osteoarthritis, IBS, and asthma, all of which get much worse during times of stress. I developed an interest in Christian meditation and guided imagery after working with a wonderful Christian psychologist several years… Read more “Meditation has helped me to keep my Pain Levels Under Control”

Sue DeVecka

So blessed by the CDs

I have been so blessed by the CDs. It is clear to see that they carry such a great annointing to accomplish the purpose intended by God and you. I TRULY experienced insuppressible peace while listening to the CDs. I plan to listen until I have completely saturated my heart, mind and spirit with the… Read more “So blessed by the CDs”

Phyllis Carrier

I am Inspired

Dear Rhonda, I am inspired to follow-up with this brief letter regarding receiving your Christian Meditation and Relaxation CDs, Volumes One and Four. Each CD has become an integral part of my morning and daily meditation. My meditation habits; I strive to meditate three times daily. For this releases built up energy and allow me… Read more “I am Inspired”

With Joy, Grace and Gratitude,Valder Beebe, CEO and Host Valder Beebe Show(www.valderbeebeshow.com)

I Love Your CDs

I Love Your CDs! I recently purchased you CD, Christian Meditation and Relaxation Volume 3 on Amazon.com and it is just amazing!…I have lived with fibromyalgia for 12 years, since the sudden unexpected death of my then 36 year old brother…;I have no doubt that God led me to your wonderful CD. Now each evening… Read more “I Love Your CDs”

Sue DeVecka

Christian Meditation is a Wonderful Way

Dear Rhonda, When I first learned about the Christian Meditation series, I was very excited! Since I can remember, I have been interested in ways to slow my mind and body down both for relaxation and to better hear what God may be trying to tell me. I have shyed away from worldly meditation, believing… Read more “Christian Meditation is a Wonderful Way”

Christina Clark

It helps me Fall Asleep

Most dramatically, it helps me fall asleep, by getting my mind off of all the things I worry about and helps me to rest in God! I have had trouble sleeping for several years now, even trying sleeping aids, which ultimately made it worse (with their side effects and the deceitful nature of pharmaceutical. Listening… Read more “It helps me Fall Asleep”

David Samuel

Christian Meditations have helped me Quiet my Mind

I cannot find the words to praise the LORD for you and what he has put in your heart. Thank you for being obedient to the lord’s calling in your life. I’m sure he is impacting many lives through you. The Christian Meditations have helped me quiet my mind and be STILL before the LORD.… Read more “Christian Meditations have helped me Quiet my Mind”

Maria Vega



Carmen Goudie

I love the meditation CD’s

I love the meditation CD’s, they have helped me focus more on the Lord’s voice and have helped me to relax more and give Him the best of me. Thank you for your obedience in the Lord’s… Read more “I love the meditation CD’s”

Linda Carmona

I gained an Incredible rest of my Mind

I gained an incredible rest of my mind, obtained inner peace, and pay attention to what I am thinking of. I live less attached to the negativity of the world and find my life more at one with God and feel the center of being awakened. The spiritual verses are powerful in audio because since… Read more “I gained an Incredible rest of my Mind”

Jessica Hernandez

Thanks for simply speaking it

Rhonda, I just started a women’s bible study for the summer. We are doing the book AT HIS FEET. We have been meeting at the beach normally, but 2 weeks ago it was raining so we met at my house. I wanted to take that opportunity to let them listen to your tape. We listened… Read more “Thanks for simply speaking it”


The CD has been very helpful

Hi Rhonda! The CD has been very helpful… Because I’m on disability due to chronic pain I experience depression, anxiety, anger, grief, isolation and low self-esteem. I know that God’s Word has the answer to each of these problems. I haven’t started journaling yet but I know that it will help me internalize these answers.… Read more “The CD has been very helpful”


I really have enjoyed the CD

I really have enjoyed the CD I received. Hope your business prospers. I enjoyed the CD a… Read more “I really have enjoyed the CD”

Eileen Dean

God is using you greatly

God is using you greatly in this house! We love to start the day with Morning Devotion…We just love the way you set us out to our days by praying God’s protection, promises, and casting out all evil from around us in the mighty name of Jesus…I am an office manager in a church and… Read more “God is using you greatly”

Beth Swan

Your Meditation CDs are phenomenal

I purchased one of your meditation CDs and it is phenomenal.  Praise God for your vision for this is something that we don’t have as… Read more “Your Meditation CDs are phenomenal”

Angie Middleton

I use the meditation CDs to relax

I use the meditation CDs to relax after a full, busy day before or at bedtime. I have used the CDs for about 3 weeks now and find I sleep better after listening…I am convinced the Christian meditation CDs are a God-send for… Read more “I use the meditation CDs to relax”

Marilyn Jaeger

I thank God

I thank God that I came across your website for Christian meditation and affirmations.  I have used your meditation and affirmations for about a month and have seen a dramatic difference in my thought patterns and levels of stress.  Before I came across your meditations and affirmations I found myself unable to change those self-defeating… Read more “I thank God”

Roshaun Gendrett

Standing in the Gap

I feel as if your CDs are “standing in the gap” for me as I feel not quite able to read the scriptures myself somedays.  Here it is for me, filling my mind with positive thoughts and God promises…Your voice is comforting to… Read more “Standing in the Gap”

Jan Lewis

It has been a Real Blessing

I started listening to volume #1 and it has been a real blessing and just what I needed at this time in my… Read more “It has been a Real Blessing”

Jeff Robertson

Found it very Relaxing

Dear Rhonda, I have listened to your tape  and found it very relaxing.  This is only my second time I have been able to hear such relaxing tapes.  Seeing I am new at this kind of meditation   I hope to continue enjoying this kind of Christianity. Thank you for giving me the opportunity  to hear,… Read more “Found it very Relaxing”

I thank you and God bless a thousand-fold

Good evening out here in Switzerland. I started with the first part of your Christian Meditation and I feel so much relaxed. I would like to thank God for sending you to me. I will tell you my story after sometime. Again, I thank you and God bless a… Read more “I thank you and God bless a thousand-fold”


Your voice is so relaxing!

Your voice is so relaxing!  I am keeping this particular mp3 player just for all your meditations! I usually listen all night long when I am sleeping to some form of God’s Word…feeding my spirit… I will get another mp3 for the sermons/music I listen… Read more “Your voice is so relaxing!”

Susan 🙂

Found it to be Extremely Beneficial

Hi Rhonda, Yes I have listened to your recording and found it to be extremely beneficial and even life saving. By the grace of God, you have given me the opportunity to better handle my restless mind and have made a complete world of difference in life. Thank you so much and may God Bless… Read more “Found it to be Extremely Beneficial”

God Bless, Tyrone

It really gave an indepth meaning/definition to Christian Meditation

Rhonda, I think the series is great.  It really gave an indepth meaning/definition to Christian Meditation.  I believe that when people view the series they will see that it is scriptural to meditate.  This is good.  I am looking forward to what other revelations that the Lord will bring me through this.  God Bless… Read more “It really gave an indepth meaning/definition to Christian Meditation”

No Name

Your positive Affirmations are also a Godsend

Good evening, Your video series are informative and has given me a deeper insight into meditating. I am new to meditating and I am glad to find information on Christian meditating. Your positive affirmations are also a Godsend. My 10yr old daughter recently went through an ordeal and repeating the positive affirmations helped her face… Read more “Your positive Affirmations are also a Godsend”


I Sleep very Well

Thank you so much, I listen to it every night before I go to bed. I sleep very well. God has given me the knowledge now of how to control my thoughts. Thank you God and thank you… Read more “I Sleep very Well”

No Name

It has been like a Personal Trip

Thank You, I am  listening  to the meditation once in the morning and once in the evening. It has been like a personal trip to the emergency room for me. Meditation is a habit I have practiced for a long time. However lately I have been unable to focus or even pray. My husband has end… Read more “It has been like a Personal Trip”


God Never Disappoints

I have dealt with many issues in my life that have taught me to trust God without question. The greatest lessons learnt are those of patience and trust. Your emails have served only to strengthen my faith expecting God’s best always, even when the answer is no. God bless… Read more “God Never Disappoints”

Sadica Ali

Rhonda is so gifted

It’s been about two years since I have discovered the ChristianMeditator.com. At the time I was looking on Google for Christian mediations for anxiety and came across her youtube video. I pressed play, went through the entire mediation and loved her soothing voice, and the way she brought God into the anxiety release. I had… Read more “Rhonda is so gifted”

Cynthia Ray

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