The CD has been very helpful - Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation

The CD has been very helpful

Hi Rhonda!

The CD has been very helpful… Because I’m on disability due to chronic pain I experience depression, anxiety, anger, grief, isolation and low self-esteem. I know that God’s Word has the answer to each of these problems. I haven’t started journaling yet but I know that it will help me internalize these answers. Thanks also for convicting me…. I need to make bible study more of a priority in my life. I love the deep breathing, relaxation and scripture verses that you use. Just a few objections…. In Controlling Your Thoughts: the reaching higher levels of God-consciousness sounds New Age. In Morning Devotion: I agree with most of what you say about spiritual warfare but I don’t agree that believers are given authority in this life to bind evil spirits or that it’s even necessary. Despite these differences I plan to order more Volumes in the series.

Thanks so much!

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