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Christianity and Mindfulness: Becoming a More Mindful Christian


Achieving mindfulness is hard to do within a world that constantly wants our attention. In this article, I discuss what is mindfulness. In addition, I explain how to become a more mindful Christian.  What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is a principle derived from Zen Buddhist mediation that may be defined as a meditative state in which you direct […]

How Demons Operate in the Spirit Realm (Video)

How demons operate in spirit realm

By Rhonda Jones Just recently I came across this video on how demons operate in the spiritual realm and found it very informative.  The video is the true account of a man who was taken to the 2nd heaven to learn about the various types of demons and their duties. Satan’s main strategies are distraction, […]

Christian Meditation Music – The Christian Meditator

Christian Meditation Music

Learn about & listen to Christian Meditation Music guaranteed to bring you closer to God. Summary: Christian Meditation Music brings you closer to God, learn about it and find out how. Christian Meditation Music is a calming and relaxing state of awareness that intensely focuses on thinking about God & Holy Scriptures. Here I will […]

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