Are You Outsourcing Your Joy?

Stop outsourcing your joy

I remember many years ago when I desperately wanted to be married. In fact, I was a little obsessed with it. I tried online dating, attended various events, and even listened to attracting relationships meditations in hopes of meeting my soulmate! I believed that once I found that special one that my life would be happier and more fulfilling.

Then one day I woke up! I asked myself a really important question. That question was, “Rhonda, what if you never find that special person you’re looking for? Does that mean that you’re doomed to a lifetime of discontentment and unhappiness?

In my mind, I couldn’t imagine that if it actually took a relationship to be happy, why would God withhold that from me? That would be cruel. That would mean that God had actually set me up for unhappiness or failure, right?

It was around that time that “I decided” that I wasn’t going to depend on anything or anyone for my peace, joy, and fulfillment but God!  Did that mean I no longer desired this relationship? No, but instead of it being the center of my attention, it was now on the peripheral and was no longer driving my behaviors.

Then I decided that instead of making my peace and joy depended upon outside sources, I would go inward instead. I would learn to make peace with my yearnings, offer them to God, and seek God for my truest fulfillment.

What about you? Have you been outsourcing your joy as well? Do you believe if you could just attain this one, two, or three things, you’d be more fulfilled or happier? If so, it’s not true. If you can’t find joy in your current situation, you’re living from a place of discontentment. Even Jesus told us to give thanks in all things and to focus on today (do not worry).

Of course, certain situations can bring us moments of joy, but these are always fleeting and transitory. As much as I want all my married adult children to move back home with me so I can be their mommy again, it’s just not going to happen. When we can’t change our circumstances, we must have a change of mind, heart, or perspective. 

More importantly, we can’t fill our God-given voids with stuff, and by stuff I mean all the nouns we learned in school: persons, places, or things. Instead, we must find the “kingdom of God that is within us.” This is a rich and rewarding kingdom that has literally everything we need and it’s available to everyone who desires it.  You don’t have to change your mate, your circumstances, or even your location to obtain it. No Eat, Pray, or Love adventures necessary, but take one if you can!!! 🙂

All is needed is to seek God from within. He is knocking on the door of your heart. You just need to get quiet and listen and allow God to purify your heart and mind from all that contaminates your body and spirit and pulls you away from God and the peace you can find in Him. A regular Christian meditation can help you achieve this!

You can continue to search for happiness on the outside, and even if you think you’ve found it, the joy from it will be temporary. Why not invest your time into something that can be life changing and sustaining?

Begin with a Christian meditation practice today?

Have you been outsourcing your joy?  Please comment below and let me know what you’ve been seeking (outside of yourself) to make you feel more happy or complete? I do read all your messages. 🙂

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