Category: Church & Apologetics

Is the church really the foundation of our Christian walk or do we need to look much deeper? Explore the relationship between the church and apologetics and our desire to be a servant of Christ.

Why Just Sermon a Sermon is Not Enough?

How many times have you heard an excellent sermon or message that inspired you to make some changes  in your life, but within a matter of weeks you were back to your old habits and routine? Kind of like those New Year’s Resolutions! The Bible says, you can’t put new wine into old wine bottles or you’ll ruin the […]

Has the Church Lost Its Spirituality?

By Rhonda Jones The other day I was having a conversation with a friend regarding the lack of spirituality in the church. I was telling my friend that I had spent over 20 years being a faithful member in one church or another. I participated in many groups and committees, was on the witnessing team, […]

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