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Be Filled with the Spirit & The 5 P’s for a Fulfilled Life!

“Be Filled with the Spirit.” When we are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy, we can easily fight off sickness and dis–ease. The more we are filled with God’s love, peace, joy, and light, the less room there is for darkness (negativity, fear, worry, offense, frustration) to enter. They just fall off of us like water off a ducks back. When we are filled with God’s Spirit, we are fortified and practically nothing can bring us down. That is why the scripture, “Be filled with the Spirit and you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh,” is so paramount to our faith.

Often, when we think of the desires of the flesh, we think of some gross sin. But these could be as simple as worry, strife, ego, fear, doubt, anger, self-pity, and more. Giving into our fleshy nature is just human, if’s half of who we are. It’s responding to our environment and years of programming. And btw, we should LOVE and honor our bodies, as they are made in the image of God. So it’s not about disparaging our bodies, but using (training) them for God’s good. In addition, we can transcend the nature of the flesh by continually being filled with God and becoming “one” with Him. Jesus said, “I and the Father are ONE,” so that Biblical.

So how do we do this? The 5 P’s- presence, prayer, purity, praise, and the present moment.

1) God’s Presence- We spend time daily in God’s presence, in meditation or sacred silence, allowing God’s divine nature to transform us from within. There is no one who met Jesus or that was touched by God who was not profoundly affected or changed. We should strive to touch the hem of His garment, each and every day, allowing his love and virtue to flow through us. His light/presence can cast out all darkness.

2) Prayer- We should pray without ceasing, always having a prayerful heart, and take authority over the enemy to put out those flames that attack us. Otherwise, they get a chance to penetrate our minds and hearts and bring us down (just bless them with the light and love of God) instead.

3) Purity– Seek a clean heart and a purified mind. Let go of all offenses and unforgiveness, and use healing tools to rid yourself of all that weighs you down. You can start by just inviting God into your pain or hurt.

4) Praise- Keep praise and gratitude on your lips and in your heart. Thank God throughout the day for his goodness and the little things we often take for granted. Remember, in everything give thanks, because God is always working all things out for our highest good.

5) Present Moment- Learn to live in day tight, better yet, moment by moment compartments with God. Worry is just projecting into the future. God told us to keep our attention on the here and the now as well as on Him. “I (Jesus) will keep thee in perfect peace, whose eyes are stayed on me.” Everything can be tolerated one moment at a time. Just embrace the present moment, squeeze as much joy out of it as you can, and trust God to guide you step by step for what’s ahead.

And then do it (repeat) the next day and the next day, and the next day after that. You know the 70 times 7 principle? Being filled is an ongoing process because we live in a negative world that is constantly trying to emptying us of God’s love and light. Therefore, we must take a proactive approach to being FILLED, it’s just not going to happen on it’s own.

You wouldn’t dare go weeks without a bath or shower to clean the outside of your body, but we can go months (even years) neglecting our hearts and minds and allowing all types of dirt to accumulate in our spirit. The only way to stay spiritually healthy (that includes our minds & emotions) is a consistent time with God and incorporating the 5-Ps. We must be both proactive and intentional.

Do you want to have a GREAT DAY EVERY DAY? Start every morning being FILLED with God’s Spirit, and you will be ready for whatever comes your way. Yes, there will be some days that will knock us off our feet, but if we continually practice being filled, we will bounce back very quickly.

What to do now? Set that clock 1-hour early and create a Spiritual Self-Care Routine to fortify yourself against all matter of darkness. Amen?

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  1. “Everything can be tolerated one moment at a time. Just embrace the present moment, squeeze as much joy out of it as you can, and trust God to guide you step by step for what’s ahead.” I needed to read this! I’ve been going through a tough time and I often want to complain, while feeling angry, upset, frustrated, and overwhelmed. I also feel worried and scared, but instead I really want to know and feel God’s presence and peace. Thank you for sharing this. I’m also reading your book. Praying that I will be filled with God’s light, getting these negative thoughts and feelings under control.

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