Who Needs Christian Meditation?

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Many well-meaning Christians will tell you to just pray more, attend church more, or clean up the sin in your life when you are struggling or depressed. I wish it was that easy and trust me, I’ve been there. 

I believe when we first get saved we go through a honey-moon stage (video below) that can span over months or even years. During this time we are under God’s grace and it feels as though we are on cloud nine and nothing can disturb our peace of mind and joy in the Lord. But then it hits us, and the struggle begins. This struggle is with our old thoughts, negative mindsets, toxic emotions, fears, and habits. We can get saved but often we fail to do the work to renew our minds which is essential to our Christian walk.

In addition, we are confronted with new hurts, pains, and disappointments that we often deny or just brush under the rug. During this time, we can spiral down into depression or even lose hope. That’s what happened to me!

This is when having an ongoing Christian meditation practice is so valuable. Through Christian meditation, we become so much more aware of our thoughts, emotions, and triggers. With awareness can come freedom to choose joy over despair, peace over worry, or faith over fear. All of it is a choice! God tells us to purify our hearts and minds, and He declared in Joshua 24:15, choose you this day who you will serve, life or death? We can be alive but spiritually dead when we are not living in the kingdom of God and His promises!

So to the questions “Who needs to meditate?” I believe everyone if you want to live a more peaceful, joyful, and fulfilling live. Christian meditation can be the doorway to a more intimate relationship to God and yourself. 

If you are new to Christian meditation, you probably have a few more questions. You may be concerned that Christian meditation is new age or anti-God. Some Christians aren’t sure if meditation is biblical. These are some great concerns. 

 In this email, I will briefly address a few of the most common questions that may have crossed your mind. I want to address any fears or concerns you may have about meditating as a Christian. 


Question # 1- What is Christian Meditation?


If you look up the word “meditate” in the dictionary it means to “engage in thought or contemplation; reflect.” Meditation means the act of meditating; continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation; or devout religious contemplation or spiritual introspection. Therefore the practice of Christian meditation would be to engage in thought, contemplation, and reflection about our relationship with Christ and/or the Word of God. There is nothing really mystical about it. We all meditate everyday when our minds are singled-focused on something for an extended period of time. There are different methods used to meditate on God but our goal is to create a more fruitful walk with the Lord.


Question # 2- Is Christian Meditation Biblical?


Yes, there are many scriptures that encourage and support meditating on God, His character, His ways, and His word. Read the following scriptures:

  • Psalms chapter 46:10 tells us to be still and know that I am God.
  • Joshua chapter 1 verse 8, admonishes us to meditate on God’s word day and night.
  • Psalms chapter 4: 4 persuades us,”When you are in your beds, search your hearts and be silent.
  • David desired in Psalms 104: 34, that his meditations be pleasing to the Lord.
  • Isaiah declared in Chapter 50:4, “He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught.
  • The Bible says even Jesus spent hours alone with God (Luke 5:16; Mark 1:35).

Notice that all these scriptures have something in common? They are encouraging us to be still before the Lord for guidance. Our greatest inspirations and truths come during times of quietness, stillness, openness, and reflection- all components of meditation.


Question # 3- How is it different from other types of meditation?


The method of meditation is where the two forms differ most. In Eastern meditation, one empties the mind. You empty your mind, you think nothing, essentially, and allow yourself to simply be, to just exist. Meditation, according to Buddhist teachings and the teachings of other Eastern religions, is supposed to free the mind from anxiety, stress, anger and other such emotions. Thus the main purpose of meditation is to free the mind.


The purpose of meditation in Christianity is to bring Christians closer to God and enrich the soul, mind and body with God’s truth. Indeed in Psalms 1:2 it is written; “his delight is in the Law of the Lord, and in His Law he meditates Day and Night”.


Question # 4- How can Christian meditation help me grow as a Christian?


The purpose of meditation in Christianity is to bring Christians closer to God and enrich the soul, mind and body with God’s truth. Through Christian meditation practices, Christians learn how to quiet their minds or slow down their thoughts, hid God’s word in their heart, purify their hearts and minds, spend time in God’s presence, and reduce stress and anxiety. A consistent Christian meditation practice will produce the fruits of more peace, joy, and fulfillment in your life. 

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