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Are There Any Similarities Between the Early Stages of Depression and Spiritual Progress?

early stages of mild depression and spiritual progress

I would not say that there are similarities between mild depression and spiritual progress, but mild depression can lead to spiritual progress or awakening as the discontentment and pain associated with depression may lead you on an inward journey to find relief. That is what happened to me, but it took me 4-years to understand […]

Using Christian Meditation to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Many people are struggling with depression and anxiety around the world. However, with the proper tools such as Christian meditation, anyone can overcome their depression. Thus, helping prevent future cycles of negative thinking.  Many years ago I suffered from four long years of depression that was extremely debilitating. Although Christians are supposed to have the […]

How Your Thoughts Effect Your Health

by Ann Musico A terminal cancer patient is told he has days to live.  He learns of an experimental drug and insists on participating in the trial.  His doctor reluctantly agrees.   His tumors shrink and he is discharged.  Several months later he learns that research has shown the drug to be ineffective.  Within days his […]

Removing the Mountains From Your Life

Jesus said that if you the faith of a mustard seed that you can tell this mountain to be cast into the sea and it must obey you. Many believers are living with mountains in their life that God wants to tear down. Often we see mountains as external forces that keep us from meeting our goals; however, many of the mountains we face our internal. These are mountains of fear, self-doubt, un-forgiveness, unbelief, and more.

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