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2 Simple Strategies to Releasing Negative Emotions

We all struggle with negative emotions from time to time. Having strategies to help us release these emotions and restore our peace of mind are essential to our overall health and well-being. I believe we can never have enough tools in our health and healing toolbox to pull out when we are overcome by negative thoughts and emotions. Here are several more strategies you can add when you are hit by uncomfortable emotions.

First Define the Problem or Feelings:

Problem: An event or situation happens that makes you feel hurt, angry, sad, jealous, afraid, worried, etc.

For most people, their default way to handle situations are to withdrawal, run away, or fight. (Fight, flight, or freeze)

What Can You Do Instead?

Strategy # 1-

Feel the _______________ (the emotion). If possible, take effective action to remedy the situation. All emotions are normal and natural. Negative emotions signals to us that we are out of peace or out of emotional balance. Do what is necessary to restore your peace of mind in a healthy and constructive way.

For example, feel the anger, the fear, the sadness… and pay the bill, leave the situation, seek comfort or protection.

Strategy # 2-

Can’t remedy it? Then Surrender. How?

  1. Confess. Talk to God about what happened. Ask for forgiveness if needed. Share with God your hurt and disappointment. Be open and transparent with your feelings.
  2. Bless it. Yeshua said to bless even your bad situations. By blessing it, you infuse the situation or person with God’s love and light. The light can push out the darkness.
  3. Affirm. “Speak those things that be not as though they already were.” How would you like to see the situation transformed? Begin, out-loud, to affirm it in the present moment as if it’s already done.
  4. Commit. Commit it to God through prayer. Not begging or pleading, but putting it on God’s to-do list. Yeshua said, “We have not because we ask not.”
  5. Let go. Let go and let God. After committing it to God, then let it go. Allow God the time and space to work on your behalf.
  6. Thanksgiving. Continue to thank our Creator for working out all things for your highest good or the good of those involved. Whenever doubt or fear surfaces, dissolve it with trust and thanksgiving.
  7. Keep the Faith. With faith and patience we inherit every promise. Let patience have her perfect work so that you may be entire and wanting nothing. Your faith is the power that keeps the ball rolling.
  8. Repeat 1-7 as often as you need too, until you have a resolve in your Spirit. This could take days, weeks, or even months but eventually it will come. That peace that passes all understanding.

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