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Get More Prayers Answered

Get More of Your Prayers Answered

Prayer Changes Things...I have gotten in the habit of writing out my prayers. Almost daily, during my Spiritual Self-Care Routine, I write out at least one specific prayer in my journal. It can be about a specific person, situation, my business, or the like. Throughout the weeks, I can go back through my prayers and re-pray them or thank God that it’s already done. Many times, I forget that I’ve even wrote a prayer and it’s nice knowing that I actually did commit something or one to God.
Habukkuh 2:2 says:
And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.
Writing out your prayers is almost like, writing the vision on the wall of your journal. Any time we can read, write, and speak something aloud, it makes it more powerful. Remember, “Our words are power and life and they cannot return void.”  There, start speaking words of faith, life, and victory over yourself and your circumstances.
Be sure and read them often with anticipation. Recording your prayers also allows you to see when they are answered, which can build your faith.  There is nothing better than committing EVERYTHING to prayer! Make it a daily habit!
“The prayers of righteous men and women avails much.”
In addition, I always write my prayers in the affirmative, as it they have already happened and not “going” to happen. I call these “Faith It Forwards,” believing and speaking those things that be not, as though they already were.” We need to continually be putting something on God’s to-do list. Try it out…
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New! My Prayer and Declaration Journal

The prayers of righteous men and women avail much; therefore, use your prayers to declare and create the life your want and pray for family, friends, and the world at large. This prayer and declaration journal allows you to easily organize your prayers for easy retrieval and to keep track of what God is doing in your life. These prayer journals make a great gift. The journal includes a table of contents to record your prayer titles and pages as well as plenty of pages to write out your prayers. Includes 100 pages. Spiral-bound. Cost: $12.50

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Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation
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