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Making Biblical Meditation a Way of Life

biblical meditation

If you’re looking for more purpose and guidance in your life, Christian meditation is a great place to start! By practicing daily biblical meditation you can achieve mindfulness and stop negative thinking.  Bringing Christian Meditation Into Your Life In today’s culture, the new age idea of mindfulness has permeated the collective consciousness in a way […]

Christian Meditation For Beginners


While Christian meditation is becoming more popular, there are many people wondering if Christian’s should even be meditating. In this article, I will discuss why Christian’s should be meditating. In addition, I will explain how to get started on your own journey with Christian meditation.  Should Christian’s Meditate? And If So, How? Before I answer […]

Fear Christian Meditation Isn’t Christian? – Think Again!

Fear Christian Meditation Isn't Christian? Think Again

Are you afraid that if you start your own Christian meditation practice, it won’t or you won’t be considered Christian? In this article, I will explain why Christian meditation is biblical and the numerous benefits you can receive from starting your journey today! Christian Meditation in The Bible Christians have many concerns pertaining to meditation, […]

Christianity and Mindfulness: Becoming a More Mindful Christian


Achieving mindfulness is hard to do within a world that constantly wants our attention. In this article, I discuss what is mindfulness. In addition, I explain how to become a more mindful Christian.  What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is a principle derived from Zen Buddhist mediation that may be defined as a meditative state in which you direct […]

What Does The Term Mind Detoxing Mean?


Wow. I love this term. We’re all very aware of detoxing our bodies, but we’ll allow our minds to be filled with all types of filth and never clean them out. I hear people sometimes say that meditation is emptying of the mind, to which confirm, yes, we all need a little mind emptying because […]

A Beginner’s Guide: How Do I Meditate?


I am glad you are interested in incorporating meditation into your life as I believe it is one of the best decisions you can make regardless of your religious affiliation. That being said, there are many types of meditation that produce various types of results or outcomes. So number one, I would determine what you […]

What is the Difference Between Meditation and Prayer?


Meditation and prayer are two different spiritual exercises that are important in our spiritual growth. I will try to explain both scriptural and give their differences. On the one hand, prayer is communication between God and man.  Man relates to God personally. Prayer is majorly a two way communication between God and man. Prayer is […]

Developing More Self Compassion for Yourself and Others


Self-compassion is really important. It means treating one’s self with understanding and kindness especially when you make a mistake, or go through a complex situation and the way you treat others you care about. Self-compassion is similar to self-esteem, but it is not about the way you are judging yourself, but the way you are […]

What is the Best Way to Approach and Study God’s Word?

God's word

Oftentimes, Christians have a desire to read their Bibles and the scriptures to learn more about God’s word, but feel they don’t have the time or are not sure the best approach. If you want to grow spiritually, it’s important that some time be dedicated regularly to reading the scriptures and study the teachings of […]

How is Christian Meditation Different from Relaxation or Sleeping?


Although relaxation and sleeping can have a calming effect upon your mind, they differ from meditation. Meditation is a discipline. The purpose of meditation is to create more peace and joy in your life by training your mind and learning to detaching from your thoughts. This allows us to live our life more purposefully than […]

How Do I Know If I’m Meditating Right?


Typically I tell people that the only bad meditation is the one that you don’t do. You will find that each experience can be different. For example, sometimes when you meditate, your mind may be relatively still. Other times, your mind may be so distracted and preoccupied that you struggle through the entire process. Both […]

Is Christian Meditation Really Helpful and How?


I can honestly admit that Christian meditation changed my life! There are many forms of meditation so I am not suggesting that you do one form or another, but meditation in general has so many helpful benefits that it’s unfortunate that everyone does not do meditation. Just yesterday I completed a webinar on the Transformative Power […]

What Are Some Tricks To Implement to Become More Productive Throughout the Day?


Being mindful is being aware. Aware of both your internal (thoughts, emotions) and external environments throughout the day. When we are practicing mindfulness, we are not lost in the daydreams of our mind during our day. Instead, we are fully present and living in the here and the now. Practicing mindfulness is a discipline. To […]

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