What Every Christian Should Know About Meditation

Meditation has been medically-proven to reduce stress, create calmness and inner peace, and even eliminate or reduce the symptoms of many illnesses.  Just for this reason alone, meditation should be a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Even though Christian meditation is a fairly old practice it’s a new concept for the modern day Christian.  Many believers  grew up believing that meditation was ungodly or dangerous. But if you were to do a thorough research, you would find that this just isn’t true. But the most compelling reason for Biblical meditation is the Bible itself.
The scriptures that tells us that great success comes from meditating on Christ (Joshua 1:8) or Psalms 46:10 that declares it is through stillness that we come to know God

Jesus also showed us by example how important it is to spend time with God. It was Jesus daily custom to find a solitary place and spend hours just abiding with God and spending time in his presence.  Spending time with God in silence and solitude and planting his word into your heart, is not only going to make you physically healthier, it’s going to also enhance your relationship with God and create more peace, joy, and contentment in your life.

If you are feeling disconnected from God, confused about your life, longing to know your purpose, experiencing a lack of faith and unbelief, plagued with worry or fear, and lacking God’s joy in everyday events, through practicing Biblical meditation you can begin turning your life around today.

Through Christian guided meditation, we learn that life isn’t so much about what we are doing, achieving, or even becoming, life is what is happening now, in the midst of our crisis, joy, and pain.

It is embracing what is, instead of resisting it, and finding God’s love, joy, and peace right where we are.  Christian meditation is a spiritual discipline that will help us move in this direction. If you are like most Christians, you’ve probably gotten the wrong idea about meditation.

You might have thought that meditation isn’t Christian or that is difficult to learn… this is why I have made it easy to learn how to incorporate Biblical meditation into your daily life.

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