Scripture Meditation Instructional CD

Scripture Meditation Instructional CD

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SCRIPTURE MEDITATION CD includes 75-minutes of instruction and 30-minute guided scripture meditation.

What’s Included on this 75-Minute Scripture Meditation CD?:

PART ONE:[list style=”event”]

  • What is Scripture Meditation?
  • The Benefits of Scripture Meditation?


Preparing for Meditation:[list style=”event”]

  • Stating your intention
  • Dealing with worry or other toxic emotions
  • Memorizing the scripture passage
  • Selecting a location
  • Selecting a daily meditation time
  • Posture for meditation
  • Breathing during meditation
  • Keeping track of time
  • Repeating the passage
  • Distractions in meditation
  • Practicing detachment
  • Outside distractions
  • The meditation experience
  • Ending the meditation
  • Dangers in meditation
  • Tips on memorizing scriptures
  • Keeping your mind on Jesus throughout the day.

PART THREE:[list style=”event”]

  • 30 Minute Guided Scripture Meditation Recording


  • Progressive relaxation
  • Silence for repeating passage
  • Ending prayer


“I purchased one of your meditation CDs and it is phenomenal. Praise God for your vision for this is something that we don’t have as Christians.”- Angie Middleton.


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