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Christian Meditation Books, Courses, and Audios

Here you will find a variety of Christian meditation books, audios, and courses to help you establish an effective and transformative Christian meditation practice.

Recommended Resources

introduction to Christian Meditation

Introduction to Christian Meditation with Rhonda Jones

Join Christian Meditation Teacher and Expert Rhonda Jones through this 4-Week Self-Paced and Interactive Video Series & Live Group Call. Learn how to meditate effectively, with purpose, and how to establish an ongoing practice that will change your life. You’ll feel like you have your very own Christian meditation coach. This course will provide a strong basic foundation for creating a Christian meditation practice that will renew your mind and heal your life. 

Be Skill and Know Membership Modules

Be Still & Know Christian Meditation Membership for Committed Christian Meditators

The Be Still and Know Christian Meditation Membership is for beginning and intermediate meditators. This membership is a great addendum to the Introduction Course with Rhonda. The membership includes 36 modules on a variety of Christian Meditation courses, healing tools, spiritual growth, live workshops, and so much more. Learn how to meditate for different needs, seasons, and events in your life.  Low Monthly Price.

Books & Programs

christian meditation journal

The Christian Meditation Journal

Tired of same old daily devotions? Need more peace, purpose, and power in your life? Having a morning routine is like a daily shower of the soul and spirit.  In just one hour per day or less, you can turn your burdens, fears, and cares over to God & start each day refreshed and renewed. Also includes section and activities on activating your vision. The ultimate spiritual self-care guide.

Detox Your Life Book

Help Me God Change My Life:
Detox Your Life & Awaken Your Inner Spirit

Detox Your Life and Awaken Your Inner Spirit is a 12-Week Biblically-Based Program Designed to Help Your Transform Your Life in seven core areas: mind, emotions, spirit, body, home, relationships, schedule, and vision.  Change your life one day at at time with daily lessons and meditations.  Premium Course and Book.

Audios & Discounted Bundles

christian meditation listening library

Guided Christian Meditation & Affirmation Bundles

You get 10 Christian Guided Meditations grouped in bundles by subject for large discount over single downloads! Choose from a variety of bundles including Worshiping God, Peace of Mind, Eliminating Stress, Best of Christian Meditation, Family & Relationships, Abundance, and More.


Guided Christian Meditation & Affirmation Single Downloads

Check out large selection of Christian meditation and affirmation singles. You'll find a variety of guided meditations and affirmations to restore your peace of mind, reduce stress, physical healing, draw closer to God, and more. Listen to samples.

God Getaway Personal Retreat

unplug christian meditation personal retreat kit

UnPlug Personal Retreat Kit

People use retreats to take time away from their busy lives and recharge. Retreats enable them to get away from the demands of day-to-day life, but how many of you use retreats to reaffirm your connection with the Lord, our God? Taking time off is challenging but I've found that such retreats are an amazing ways for me to strengthen my connection with the Almighty.

Christian Yoga Teachers

Noo Prep Christian Yoga Plans

No Prep Christian Yoga Plans

Are you a new or seasoned Christian yoga teacher desiring to give your students more? If so, you'll love No Prep Christian Yoga Plans that includes guided Christian meditations, devotional openers, sequences, and much more. Creating a faith-based yoga class has never been easier. Inspirational Plans also available.

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