What Does The Term Mind Detoxing Mean?

Wow. I love this term. We’re all very aware of detoxing our bodies, but we’ll allow our minds to be filled with all types of filth and never clean them out. I hear people sometimes say that meditation is emptying of the mind, to which confirm, yes, we all need a little mind emptying because so many of us have minds full of pain, negativity, fear, anger, unforgiveness, and the list goes on.

During my workshops I often read the poem called Sara Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out by Shel Silverstein. Here is the YouTube link to it. 

Basically, Sara, refused to take the garbage out until it reached all the way to the sky. If we are not making it a regular habit to purify our hearts and minds from all that contaminate body and spirit, all that mental garbage begins to accumulate and affects us on a subconscious level. We can hide it, deny it, or sweep it under the rug thinking out of sight, out of mind, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s still there waiting to show up at just the right trigger.

So what would a mind detox look like? First of all, we must become aware of what we are thinking on a regular basis. We think 70k thoughts in a day. Ninety percent of these are unconscious, repetitive, and negative. Until we become aware of what’s going on in our head, we will be invisibly ruled by them. Meditation is a wonderful tool to become aware of and then learn how to detach from thoughts that aren’t supporting our well-being.

Once you become aware of them, you can begin to eradicate, modify, erase, squash out, and change your thoughts and state of mind.

One thing I personally do is have a Spirit Care Morning Routine. Each morning, I check in with myself and see if there are any lingering thoughts or feelings that may be bringing me down or weighing on my spirit. Once I identify them, I use various healing tools to help me release them. Sometimes all I need is a guided Christian meditation; other times I need much more.

I believe we should mentally detox on a daily basis as there is so much mental and emotionally toxicity that can attach to us throughout the day. Just like we shower to clean our outside bodies, how much more do we need to clean our inner life. Jesus said in the Bible, to “Guard your heart, for from the heart comes the issues of life.” If we don’t guard our hearts and keep our minds pure, we will manifest the very things we fear.



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