Is Christian Meditation Safe?

Question: Is Christian Meditation Safe?

Answer:  Some Christians fear meditation. They believe that meditation requires them to empty their minds and  may open the door to evil spirits entering in.  However, Christian Meditation encourages us to meditate on the Lord. During some forms of Christian meditation you silently repeat a scripture or passage or dwell in God’s presence. Christian meditation does encourage you to quiet your mind to create a greater space for God to enter in your life.  But what Christians often fail to realize is that the greatest battle to the believer are the thoughts between their ears.  The Bibles tells us over and over to renew our minds. Gods wants to clear our minds from all types of destructive and limited beliefs so we can fully embrace his word.  I personally believe that Christians need to EMPTY their minds from all types of negative thinking, fear, judgments, doubt, and ungodly thoughts.  It is more likely the current thoughts that we think  will hinder our Christian walk, much more than some outside entity entering in.  Many people don’t need an evil spirit taking them over to walk in anger, fear, and worry. We do it everyday already.  Therefore, if you want to fear anything, fear the evil and destructive thoughts playing over and over in your mind right now and use Christian meditation to get rid of them once and for all.

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