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Journey to Stillness Christian Meditation Course
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Are You New to Christian Meditation?

You’ve heard about meditation and its many benefits but you’re not sure if you can meditate as a Christian. 

You wonder, what is the difference between prayer and meditation, and what makes Christian meditation different from other types of meditations that you’ve heard about like Eastern or secular?

You’re curious about Christian meditation, however, you want to understand its significances in the life of a believer and how you can truly benefit from it?

You want to know what God and the Bible says about meditation and how to do Christian meditation effectively to cultivate more peace, joy, contentment, and a closer walk with God.

I'll Teach You...

If you have been skeptical about Christian meditation, this course will put your mind at ease. By the end of the course the only thing you will regret is that you didn’t start meditating sooner!

Introducing Journey to Stillness:
Your 6-Part Christian Meditation Journey!

If you’re ready…


As you embark on this voyage, you’ll find that the tools, insights, and practices within the course modules will serve as your compass. Each module is designed to gently guide you through the foundational aspects of Christian meditation, equipping you with the knowledge and techniques to navigate the challenges and doubts that have held you back. The journey from yearning to fulfillment is a step-by-step process, and you’re about to take the first step toward restoring the serenity, joy, and enthusiasm that your soul longs for.

Welcome to a transformational exploration of Christian meditation, where the echoes of ancient wisdom meet the yearnings of your heart, and where a journey of peace begins with a single step of faith.

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By the end of this course...



Be tossed and triggered by people, your circumstances, and your own inner thoughts and beliefs.

Understanding what is happening in your mind and body and how to effectively release it to God and experience His divine peace.

Not being able to control worry, negative thoughts and emotions and feeling overwhelmed most of the time.

Learning how to rest in God and to cast all of your cares upon Him. 

Feeling disconnected from God and continually feeling guilty for not doing enough.

Experiencing God’s presence to shelter you from the storms of life and how not to let those storms steal your peace and joy.

Waking up each morning without a sense of direction or purpose for your life and carrying the weights and burdens from yesterday, last week, or even years ago.

Building a daily spiritual self care routine to connect with God daily and renew your spirit, purify your heart,  and seek God’s guidance.

If you’ve been trying to live the Christian life in your own strength, but you’re ready to abide with God and experience His divine presence instead,  let me be your guide…

 Journey to Stillness is Just For You!

Lords Where's My Joy Masterclass
The only Christ-Centered Christian Meditation online program that 
teaches you the transformative benefits of Christian meditation and how to incorporate it into your life in 6 easy to follow video lessons and guided practice.
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So, what is the Journey to Stillnell Program anyways?

Journey to Stillness is a 6-Week Course that provides you with a strong Christian Meditation Foundation, uncovering the mysteries of Biblical meditation that has been practiced by Christians for centuries who desired a more experiential walk with God. You can move through this course at your own pace.

Each course module includes video lessons & guided meditation on the following topics:

  • What is Christian Meditation? It’s History and more.
  • How to Meditate as a Christian – Practice a Variety of Techniques
  • Establishing a Daily Christian Meditation Routine
  • 20 Benefits of Christian Meditation & The Science Behind it
  • The Battlefield of the Mind & Bringing Every Thought Captive
  • Challenges in Meditation & How to Overcome Them

Renew your mind. Purify your heart. Draw closer to God.

Here's how the course breaks down...

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In addition to the lessons, each week you’ll learn and practice Christian meditation and receive reflective journaling prompts to help you personalize and embrace each lesson further. 

BUILDING A CHRISTIAN MEDITATION FOUNDATION: In Week One, we embark on a journey into the world of Christian meditation. We explore the reasons why Christian meditation is worth pursuing, the meaning and purpose of Christian meditation, how it differs from other forms of meditation, and the relationship between the Bible and meditation. We dispel common myths and offer reflections and questions to encourage you to engage deeply with the material and begin your own daily meditation practice. Join us and start your journey towards spiritual growth and transformation.

In this lesson, we learn:

THE BENEFITS OF CHRISTIAN MEDITATION: In Week Two, we dive deeper into Christian meditation and explore the scientific benefits of this ancient practice. Through a scientific lens, we examine how meditation affects the brain, body, and overall well-being. From reducing stress and anxiety to increasing focus and productivity, we’ll discover how meditation can positively impact your life. We’ll also cover the basics of Christian meditation, including its purpose, process, and techniques. Through scripture meditation practice, you’ll learn how to connect with God’s Word in a deeper and more meaningful way. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have a solid foundation in the science and practice of Christian meditation, and be well on your way to experiencing its life-changing benefits.

In this lesson, we learn:

THE BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND: In Week Three, we’ll explore the fascinating topic of the battle of the mind. The Bible has much to say about the power of the mind and its role in shaping our lives. We’ll dive into key scriptures that address the importance of our thoughts and the impact they have on our spiritual and emotional well-being. We’ll also examine the unrestrained mind and how it can lead to negative thought patterns and behaviors. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have a greater understanding of the power of your thoughts and how to use Christian meditation to take control of your mind and renew it according to God’s Word. Join us and learn how to win the battle of the mind and live a life of freedom and victory.

In this lesson, we learn:

CHRISTIAN MEDITATION TECHNIQUES AND PRACTICE: In Week Four, we delve into a rich tapestry of Christian meditation methods designed to deepen your spiritual connection and foster a profound sense of peace. Immerse yourself in the ancient art of centering prayer, breath meditation, and scripture reflection, each carefully crafted to bring you closer to the Divine. Let the soothing words guide you into moments of divine stillness, where you can experience the gentle embrace of God’s love. This lesson offers a sanctuary for your soul, where the sacred and the personal converge, leaving you renewed and grounded in your faith. Join us and discover the power of Christian Meditation Techniques to illuminate your spiritual path.

CHALLENGES IN MEDITATION: In Week Five, we’ll tackle head-on the challenges and obstacles that often arise when attempting to develop a consistent Christian meditation practice. While the benefits of meditation are many, the journey towards regular practice can be difficult. We’ll explore common hurdles that can hinder progress, such as time constraints, distractions, and inner resistance. We’ll also discuss strategies and techniques for overcoming these obstacles and establishing a sustainable meditation practice that works for you. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have the tools and knowledge needed to overcome challenges and take your Christian meditation practice to the next level. 

In this lesson, we learn:

CREATING A SPIRITUAL SELF CARE ROUTINE: In Lesson Six, we’ll explore the importance of creating a daily spiritual self-care routine to renew your mind, purify your heart, and draw closer to God. In a world filled with stress and distractions, it’s essential to prioritize your spiritual health and well-being. We’ll discuss practical strategies for incorporating Christian meditation and other spiritual practices into your daily routine. We’ll also explore the transformative power of consistent practice and how it can help you to experience deeper levels of peace, joy, and connection with God. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have the tools and knowledge needed to create a daily spiritual self-care routine that works for you, and experience the transformative power of renewing your mind and purifying your heart. Join us on this journey towards spiritual growth and transformation.

In this lesson, we learn:


Weekly Class Format

Below is an overview of the weekly class format you can expect in the Journey to Stillness Course. You’ll want to dedicate at least 2 hours per week that include lessons and daily meditation practice. Here is a typical outline for each week’s module:

  • An 5-7 minute opening meditation to get us centered and grounded in Christ. 
  • One or two video lessons totaling around 60 minutes.
  • Included in the video lesson, a guided meditation practice from 10-20 minutes.  
  • Daily meditation practice can range from 5-20 minutes daily that includes reflection questions. 
  • Each module also includes additional guided Christian meditations you use to practice during the week as well.
  • Occasionally I include some additional videos and resources that will enhance your progress. 
(You can break up the video lesson over a few days but you’ll want to do the meditation practice daily using the instructions and guided meditations.)

Let Me Help You reach Your Goal Of A more Peaceful, Joyful, and Christ-Centered You!

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So, why 6 weeks?

Because that’s about how long it will take for you to settle into a long-term and ongoing practice. Learning to meditate is more like a marathon and not a sprint; the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Over the span of six weeks, Journey to Stillness will guide you through a comprehensive curriculum designed to strengthen your meditation practice and cultivate a deeper connection with God. Each week, we’ll explore essential lessons, practical instruction, and engaging exercises to enhance your skills as an efficient meditator.

To keep you on track, I’ll send you weekly reminder emails regarding upcoming sessions, along with any necessary course materials and assignments. These gentle nudges will ensure that you stay committed to your growth and make the most out of every session.

Don’t miss out on this remarkable opportunity to deepen your spiritual connection and experience profound transformation.

This is a self-paced course that you can complete in the comfort of your home and at your own leisure.

 Each module includes video lessons and a guided Christian meditation to start your journey.

Learn how to meditate as a Christian and in a way that completely honors God and your faith.

Journey to Stillness: Christian Meditation Essentials for Beginners is for you if...

🌟 You’re new to Christian meditation, curious about its significance in the life of a believer, and seeking a strong foundation before diving into the practice.

🌟 You may have heard about meditation but have questions about how it aligns with your Christian faith. This course will clarify the distinctions between prayer and meditation, and how Christian meditation differs from other types.

🌟 You desire to understand what God and the Bible say about meditation, ensuring that your practice aligns with your faith, and you want to cultivate more peace, joy, contentment, and a closer walk with God.

🌟 You’re looking for a comprehensive course that covers the history, basics, science, challenges, how-tos, and benefits of Christian meditation. This 6-week program provides a structured and thorough exploration.

🌟 You want to overcome any skepticism or hesitations about Christian meditation. By the end of the course, you’ll not only understand its value but regret not starting your meditation journey sooner.

🌟 You’re a beginner seeking guidance on how to meditate as a Christian. The course offers practical instruction, addressing challenges faced by beginners and teaching you how to incorporate Christian meditation into your daily life.

🌟 You’re eager to establish a daily Christian meditation routine for cleansing, refreshment, focus, and renewal. The course provides practical strategies for integrating meditation into your daily life.

🌟 You appreciate the transformative benefits of Christian meditation but have faced challenges in implementing a consistent practice. The course addresses common obstacles and provides tools to overcome them.

🌟 You understand that learning to meditate is a journey, not a sprint, and you’re ready to commit to a 6-week program that will guide you toward a long-term and ongoing practice.

Embark on the Journey to Stillness and discover the transformative power of Christian meditation. Join a community of seekers, learn from comprehensive lessons, and let this course be your guide to a more peaceful, joyful, and Christ-centered you. Enroll today and take the first step towards a deeper connection with God and profound transformation.

what Past Enrollees have to say About Journey to Stillness!

I live in UK and have done some mindfulness-based learning  before, though never offered by a Christian educator before this course! Although I benefitted from some of the previous learning, I wished to find some one who would teach it from the Christian perspective and Rhonda Jones appealed to me from the outset of finding out about her, before this course was offered online. 

I have been needing to re-develop a good and mindul routine since experiencing a lot of grief, loss and uncertainty in recent years. The grounding of Rhonda’s course in Biblical principles has given me greater confidence in the process and a certainty that I am developing a God-centred, personal practice that is growing stronger over time.
Insights from this course have helped me through challenging experiences as my perspective of ‘being still and knowing God’ has broadened with the aid of the guided meditations;  I’ve found that some of the background music and sounds of nature particularly help to uplift my spirit as I meditate on a word or phrase, such as ‘Peace, be still’. The more I have managed to meditate daily,  the better I seem to be in mind,.body and spirit, feeling closer to the Lord, with a clearer sense of purpose and increased problem-solving capacity.
When I have rushed at times, I have noticed a difference and felt disappointed in myself for giving in to time pressure and deadlines.  I see the truth now in the fact that when there’s extra pressure imposed and busy-ness for whatever reason, it is better to meditate more on those days in order to rise to the challenges and be increasingly effective  through pausing and breathing deeply to bring ourselves back into the presence of our Creator. It’s  as though we are interrupting the frenetic pattern of the world around us and  carefully  re-charging mind, body and spirit.
It was very important for me to know how Rhonda had personally benefitted from developing her own learning, understanding and practice of Christiam mindfulness so I feel this course is particularly suited to those who may be dealing with on-going difficulties, ill-health or moving through times of loss where each individual needs to find their own particular pace of healing and the benefits of sharing within a safe space.
I have deeply appreciated the relevance of this course to everyday Christian life and the resources that have been shared in a thoughtful way by Rhonda, especially the journaling prompts . I think it would definitely benefit all adults who will endeavour to set the time aside to use the ‘tools’ to meditate in a Christian way and reap the rewards of growing closer to God.- JANE

Hi Rhonda –
When we were in Costa Rica together, (2017?) I learned how valuable meditation can be! I had kids at home, at that time. Now I am an empty-nester, with grandkids and felt a desire to cultivate more one-on-one time with God. I had no idea how power-packed this course would be, going far beyond my expectations. In my mind, I anticipated some teaching each week and a short meditation. And after the first class, I was disappointed that there was SO much teaching, on a beginner level, and wondered if it would go deeper over the 8 weeks.

Just like Costa Rica, it did get deeper and required a high level of commitment. I remembered the adage: you get out of it what you put into it. So I determined to do all the homework and to practice often, even if I couldn’t do it every day. I noticed that the meditations got more and more exciting, more clear, more contemplative, and drew me into God’s presence with little preparation. I loved the beginning of each meditation that the class did together; although I was alone, I felt a deep connection to others who were learning alongside me. I couldn’t wait until the next session of learning, and of doing a new meditation (or two) each week!

The result of applying myself, as you suggested, and doing your well-thought-out homework consistently, was that I have confidence in my ability to HEAR from God, to sit in His presence quietly and without distraction, and to know that He is right there beside me! I used to feel that there were only a few ways to meditate and I would not be able to do a variety; now I try different meditations all the time – a walking meditation, a word focus meditation, a scripture meditation, the labeling meditation, and I’ve been trying a visual meditation while working in my kitchen, where I picture Jesus right there and keep things quiet, so I can hear what He wants me to know. Would I recommend this course? Without a doubt, YES.

The last lessons were phenomenal. I have already shared with several friends the importance of Creating a Spiritual Self-Care Routine. It was an amazing teaching and vital for any Christian today who wants to GROW, to develop or keep their vision strong, and to conquer negative attacks and thoughts as they come up. I don’t think God means for us to stay in stuck places, nor suffer over many days and months when there are simple and amazing tools like this to stop the enemy in his tracks and get us back to contentment, security, and purpose. Do I expect to feel this completely every day? I don’t. But I have powerful tools in my arsenal now for quickly getting back into a place of peace and release of the negative.

The price of the course was a giveaway, and I would easily pay $100’s more for this course – it was that impactful! Can’t wait to see what is offered next, and how a continuing meditative practice will affect my life and future. As a therapist, I hope to teach others the importance of meditation, and highly effective spiritual tools for healing. – LYNETTE

As a busy working mom of young adult kids and two sets of elderly parents to take care of, finding time for myself had become a challenge. I joined Rhonda Jones’s Christian Meditation class after a particularly busy season where multiple family members had surgeries or other medical appointments and/or emergencies. 

While going through Rhonda’s insightful and thought-provoking lessons, I gained knowledge that helped me transform my occasional meditation practice into a regular time of prayer and meditation. My self-care routine, which incorporates Christian Meditation, has helped me feel more at peace and guided. As a result, I recommend this class to anyone who wishes to restore their mind, renew their spirit, and strengthen their relationship with God.- ELIZABETH

Dear Rhonda, I signed up for the course because I have been struggling a lot with anxiety and depression.  I used to use meditation a lot, but during COVID my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and I am a single mom of 3.  The high vigilance of his care, while trying to work a full-time ministry job, and homeschool my kids during COVID without the support needed due to isolation (due to covid), really took a toll on my health and well-being.  I have been trying to re-center ever since.  Meditation and deep breathing has always been helpful for me but I struggled to get back into it because of the high demands on my time and energy.  So when I received your email about this class, I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to get back on track. 

For me the course was so helpful as a reminder, but also new information.  I really thought the two classes that I watched were very well done and thought through and prepared and I so appreciate how you lovingly and compassionately teach and also share your own experience.  Thank you so much for what you do.  I really think that your class would be helpful for my college age daughter too and I would love to share the course with her at some point if you offer it again and if it works with her schedule. Thank you so much! Blessings, TARA

 I took this course to help with stress, anxiety, worry and to learn how to meditate and get closer to God. This course has helped me learn more about Christian meditation, the meditation has completely lessened my stress, eased my anxiety and I’m learning to let go of my worries. I am on my way to becoming a better me & getting closer with God in the process. I recommend this course for anyone who is looking to make a change in their lives! Thank you Rhonda Jones for an incredible experience! Can’t wait to sign up for the next course! . – TUNICKA

I am a busy working mother who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The techniques I learned during the Christian Meditation course helped me gain peace, hope, joy, confidence and healing when I needed them the most. Ms Rhonda’s wisdom, experience, and friendliness created an engaging and welcoming learning environment. Now I have methods, information, and resources to help me focus on God and manage my stress more consistently. – INDIA

I have a special needs son that we adopted as a newborn. He has had many challenges over the years, and I have struggled with anxiety. I took this course to learn how to meditate, hoping it could help with my emotions and stress levels. This Christian-based approach appealed to me, as it felt like a better fit for me than traditional meditation.

From the course, I’ve learned that I’m not alone in my struggles with anxiety and triggers. Rhonda’s testimony and her journey through emotional issues like depression and anxiety have given me hope. I’ve gained insights into handling emotional triggers, understanding that they may not disappear completely but can be lessened. This revelation has been profound, and I already feel less anxious, coping better with day-to-day challenges. Sharing Rhonda’s journal made me realize that these feelings are universal, and I’m not alone.

I now feel stronger and more equipped to cope, less isolated in my emotional struggles, and armed with a generous toolbox of techniques. My feedback on Rhonda as a teacher, host, and facilitator is overwhelmingly positive. Her comforting voice and carefully thought-out lessons made this course truly life-changing.

My biggest “aha” moment was when Rhonda mentioned that we’re not trying to eliminate these feelings but rather get through them faster, and these practices can help. It made me realize that change takes time, and it’s a valuable goal. I also discovered a gap in my spiritual self-care, and I’ve started incorporating some of the suggested practices with immediate benefits.

I already feel stronger and better equipped to cope, and I have hope that things will improve further as I continue with the spiritual self-care items. This course is for anyone struggling with emotions like depression, anxiety, and emotional reactivity, seeking a stronger connection with God. It’s a reminder that we don’t have to carry our burdens alone; we can entrust them to the Lord. Rhonda, thank you so much for this course – it has been incredibly helpful, and your kindness shines through. – KERRY

I signed up for this Christian Meditation course to help reach my goal of developing a deeper relationship with the Triune God. I found Rhonda’s Christian Mediation course to contain a lot of good information, bible references, and tools for healing.

One Sunday I was feeling very overwhelmed with all the people I was caring for, and the weight of everything that had to be done. I missed my meditations that day. On Monday morning I spent time in meditation and God told me I was under spiritual attack. I hadn’t recognized it. I denounced the evil one, drew close to God and my spirit became very joyful. Nothing had changed in my life or responsibilities, except to draw near to God and act on what I heard. That showed me the power of spending time listening to God in meditation.I plan on reviewing this course and creating a spiritual self-care plan to heal from my hurts, hang-ups, and habits, and continue to draw closer to God in a deep personal relationship using Christian Meditation.

I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to draw closer to God through scripture and Christian Meditation, find healing tools or modalities for the pain of their past, or find structure for a spiritual self-care plan.- TAMMY

I really enjoyed the class. I took this course to connect with others and to grow my faith in Christ to a deeper level. Throughout the course, I appreciated the knowledge provided on Christian meditation and the opportunity to then practice the lessons. Rhonda as a facilitator was good at leading us through the meditation practices. I feel calmer and plan to continue daily practicing christian meditation. I would recommend this course for those that are beginners to meditation. I look forward to being able to do an in person christian meditation retreat. Blessings DENISE

Taking this course has opened my mind to a different level of peace. It has taught me a discipline that has allowed me to become more aware of my internal world, what I’m feeling, and how to respond before reacting the wrong way. I especially appreciated learning how to calm my thoughts. With every passing lesson, I found that I became better at it. 

Learning from Rhonda has been a true pleasure. Her love for the Lord and desire to help others achieve what she has learned through her own story has been such a blessing. I feel like she is my personal friend😊 ~ MARI

I was drawn to the class because I heard Holy Spirit say that Christian Meditation is a forgotten spiritual practice and discipline. And as a result, we as believers lack a lot of spiritual insight, intimacy, and wisdom. 
I definitely recommend this Meditate and Grow Course to any Believer from any background. From the very beginning, it is very thorough in its explanations. Your method is very simple, kind and soothingly patient. This really helped me to grasp the material. It helped to dispel myths about Christian Meditation and made very clear distinctions between Eastern and Christian Meditation. It also was detailed in the benefits and though I have a limited experience with meditation, I actually was able to put it to use and let it help me work through my depression episode. 
I was dealing with heavy grief and was actually able to find some intervals of peace by listening to your guided meditations. This class also was clear on how to use Christian Meditation as a consistent spiritual discipline to help me draw close to the Father as well as improve my overall wellbeing.  I’d love to retain access because Christian Meditation is on my spiritual bucket list and I want to learn more about it, master it, as well as incorporate it into my morning and evening routines. Eventually I’d like to be able to help others learn the benefits of Christian Meditation. – PAULINE
The Meditate and Grow course was very instrumental in my spiritual growth. I took the course to learn how to reduce stress and cultivate a deeper relationship with God. I have heard a lot about mediation but not Christ-centered meditation. The Meditate and Grow course provides a wealth of information about Christian meditation and ways to successfully incorporate it into my life. What I have gained most from the course was ways to handle distractions and what to do when my mind wonders while meditating. The most impactful lesson for me was dealing with the battlefield in our mind. I tend to think negative thoughts a lot especially when going through challenging experiences. Rhonda teaches how to use Christian meditation to renew your mind according to God’s word. 
A powerful lesson I have learned in the course was how to use an “anchor” to bring my mind back to meditating when my mind wonders. After taking the course, I noticed that I do not let things stress me out as much as I use to. When I find myself getting stressed or anxious, I pause for a brief moment, take some deep breaths and practice one of the meditations that I learned in the course. The lessons I have learned in this course has helped me to be calm and relaxed as opposed to being anxious all the time. I am a stroke survival so learning about the benefits of Christian meditation for my health was very important to me. 
I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to cultivate a deeper relationship with God, learn how to control your thoughts and reduce anxiety and stress, especially those dealing with depression. You will definitely feel a sense of peace and calm after taking this course.- BRIDGET 

I recently completed Rhonda’s 8-week Christian “Meditate and Grow” course, and it has been a profoundly enriching experience. As someone seeking both spiritual growth and inner peace, I decided to embark on this journey. Throughout the course, I gained a deep understanding of Christian meditation, which helped me establish a more profound connection with God. It taught me the art of slowing down, centering myself, and truly listening to the divine within. The course has significantly improved my sense of inner peace, providing me with a sanctuary of faith and mindfulness amid life’s chaos. This transformation has made me more patient, compassionate, and resilient, enhancing my relationships and my overall outlook on life.

Rhonda played a crucial role in making this course remarkable. She possesses a profound understanding of Christian meditation. I was able to attend the live classes and the course created a warm community where we could learn and grow together. My mental and emotional well-being have significantly improved since beginning this course, reducing stress, sharpening my focus, and enabling me to navigate life’s challenges with more grace. I wholeheartedly recommend this meditation course to anyone seeking a deeper connection with their faith and inner peace. It’s a transformative experience that can enrich your life in profound ways, helping you discover the power of faith, mindfulness, and self-discovery. With Love, LYDIA

I’ve had previous Meditation Classes that were based upon mindfulness-based stress reduction. However, I have been curious about more information regarding Christian meditation and that is why I signed up for this course.

This course met my expectations with inclusion of scriptures from the Bible that also apply to meditation practices.  Valuable research-based information about meditation was included in the video lecture which helps to explain how meditation works in our bodies. This is important to me because of my training as a nurse.  The slides that accompanied the lectures were helpful. The practical application of meditation through guided meditations helped to incorporate the class material into an everyday practice.  Appreciated Rhonda’s presentations in the videos. She was encouraging and willing to offer support when needed.

As the course progressed, I realized I was overcommitted in several areas of my life and fell behind in the class.  I have discovered that I am busier in retirement than when I was working full time.  I do desire to complete the course because the material that I did cover was helpful and valuable. I realized I would experience more benefit from the classes if I could complete the course when I can give it more consistent attention.

I found the course was both in-depth and well structured. As I finish the course I do plan on including scripture from the Bible as a part of my journaling. This will help to meet my goal of a deeper understanding of meditation from a Christian perspective. This course would work well for someone who is unfamiliar with meditation as well as someone who has had experience with traditional meditation. It is well worth everyone’s time to learn the principles of meditation and utilize that in their everyday life. I have found the breathing exercises to be extremely helpful when I am feeling anxious. Sincerely, KAREN

 I had the privilege of taking the Meditate and Grow Christian Meditation Course for beginners, and I must say, it was a profound journey of discovery. As someone fairly new to the concept of Christian meditation, I entered the course with an open heart and a desire to understand this practice better. The course provided me with a deep and comprehensive view of Christian meditation that went far beyond what I expected. I particularly appreciated the lessons on the different types of meditations and the distinctions between prayer and meditation. It was eye-opening to explore what the Bible has to say about the mind, and it gave me a fresh perspective on the spiritual significance of meditation.

What truly stood out for me were the various meditation techniques we learned throughout the course. It was a revelation to experience the soothing and calming effects of these practices. The course has ignited a desire in me to continue growing in this area by establishing a regular meditation practice in my daily life.

Thank you Rhonda! I am truly grateful for the wisdom and guidance I received during this course. It has been an enriching experience, and I look forward to deepening my spiritual connection through Christian meditation. Thank you for this invaluable journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. – DONALD

Hi I’m Molly. I’ve always had a heart for God, but I’ve also always felt disconnected from Him much of my life due to rigid church teachings and strict rituals. I took this course because I wanted my relationship with God to be more than a one-sided worship that felt bland and disconnected. I wanted to grow deep in my relationship with God and connect our hearts so I took this course.
From this course, I gained a sense of peace and a heart connection with God that I’ve never had before. I gained easy routines and methods of connection straight Into the Heart of God. I gained a sense of my identity in Him through the meditations. I gained a chance to have a real relationship with God that’s rich, warm, and meaningful.
The heart transformation I’ve had is from feeling alone and on my own to knowing and feeling in my heart that God is always with me and that we have a dynamic relationship now. This transformation includes being able to connect more readily with God, not just in words or thoughts, but in and through our hearts.
I have found more peace in God than I’ve ever had. I feel more aware of His presence and His goodness in my life by taking this course. I’ve also benefited by being able to let go of worries and fears and things not found in God.
I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to grow close to God in his heart. I would also recommend this course for anyone who wants to develop the peace of God in their lives and to be aware of that and nurture it. This course is rich in various methods for meditation. –MOLLY
Blessings to you, Sister. You are doing an amazing job with this Christian meditation course.  I especially liked Week 3 content about the 7 types of minds according to the Word. I also liked the analogy of the “committee “ of negative thoughts. It was very creative to personalize the negative thoughts.
Your ministry is scripturally accurate and on point. 
Keep on serving and glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
In Jesus’ name, CASSANDRA
Thank you Rhonda !  This week was super impactful for me.  My Mediation is getting better and my thoughts are getting under control. I can see clearer every day. So far your content has been on time and on point. I’m so happy I signed up. Looking forward to the weeks ahead. In His Service Together.- KIM

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Questions About Course

Question #1- Are the meditations downloadable?

Answer: No, they are not downloadable but can be accessed on a variety of digital devices for easy use on your phone. We now also have an app that makes all the materials easily accessible from your mobile device. Most people have hard time downloading the meditations in the past. 

Question # 2- What is the difference between this course and Total Mess to Total Rest?

Answer- Total Mess to Total Rest is more of a coaching program. You will identify who you desire to become (a new creation) and work with me using video lessons, guided meditation, weekly assignments, intentional handouts, journaling, and a variety of healing tools to move you from internal chaos to resting in God for your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being as well as your purpose. 

Question #3- Should I take Journey to Stillness before taking Total Mess to Total Rest? 

Answer- I do highly recommend this course first, especially if you are new to Christian meditation, have never meditated or struggle with it, don’t have some type of regular meditation practice, and have lots of questions about Christian meditation. In this course, I give you a solid background about the practice and help you to overcome some of the objections you might have as a Christian. Journey to Stillness teaches you the fundamentals and practice of Christian meditation.  Total Mess to Total Rest is more of a healing journey that incorporates meditation and other modalities. 

Question #4- How long will I have access to this course? 

Answer- There is no expiration date on this course. 

Question #5- Can I do more than one module at a time?

Answer- No, every 7 days you can start the next one. This is to give you time to practice the meditations and build your meditation muscles. Just knowing about meditation isn’t enough to create any lasting change or transformation. You must cultivate this with a regular practice. 

Question #6- Can I get a refund if the course is not meeting my needs?

Answer- Yes, you have 14 days from enrollment to ask for a full refund. However, we don’t know what we don’t know and must often follow the process to the end before seeing true transformation and progress. Just send me an email detailing your concerns. 

Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation
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