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christian and depressed?

You're feeling stagnate, discouraged, & empty!

You’ve been a faithful Christian for years and at this time in your life, you feel like something is missing. Why don’t you have the joy of the Lord and that peace that passes all understanding? 

You may even struggle with negative thoughts, fear, depression, and anxiety, and in spite of all your efforts to pray, seek God, and attend church, you feel stuck and frustrated.

You are ready for a change, but not just an outer change, an internal one. You desired to experience God in a new way and restore your peace, joy, and excitement in the Lord.

Can you imagine...

If achieving any of this seems like a distant dream, I assure you that it is 100% attainable for you. My confidence in this stems from the fact that I have been in your shoes and have successfully developed a proven system to guide you towards your desired outcome.

That’s why I can't wait to introduce you to my Meditate & Grow 8-Week Christian Meditation Course!

If you’re ready…


Meditate and Grow will help you transform your mind, grow closer to God, and increase your faith.

You’ll learn to ignite the Holy Spirit within you as you let go and release the weights of negativity, anxiety, and fear.

You’ll begin to live and see your life from a whole new lenses, one filled with God peace, presence, and purpose. You’ll ditch the trying to live the Christian life and just flow in alignment with God instead.  

In other words,  Meditate & Grow to help you achieve REAL inner peace and contentment.

christian meditation course

By the end of this course...



Be tossed and triggered by people, your circumstances, and your own inner thoughts and beliefs.

Understanding what is happening in your mind and body and how to effectively release it to God and experience His divine peace.

Not being able to control worry, negative thoughts and emotions and feeling overwhelmed most of the time.

Learning how to rest in God and to cast all of your cares upon Him. 

Feeling disconnected from God and continually feeling guilty for not doing enough.

Experiencing God’s presence to shelter you from the storms of life and how not to let those storms steal your peace and joy.

Waking up each morning without a sense of direction or purpose for your life and carrying the weights and burdens from yesterday, last week, or even years ago.

Building a daily spiritual self care routine to connect with God daily and renew your spirit, purify your heart,  and seek God’s guidance.

If you’re ready to go from being a mental and emotional wreck to feeling a sense of inner peace and well-being, but you need someone who’s been there, done that, to guide the way…

 Meditate and Grow Just For You!

Lords Where's My Joy Masterclass
The only Christ-Centered Christian Meditation online program that 
teaches you the transformative benefits of Christian meditation and how to incorporate it into your life in 8 easy to follow video lessons and guided practice.
meditate and grow christian meditation course

So, what is the Meditate & Grow Program anyways?

Meditate and Grow is an 8-week program that teaches you how to renew your mind, manage your emotions, and grow in greater intimacy with God through the transformative power of Christian meditation. It’s learning how to meditate as a Christian effectively and with purpose.

You’ll learn how to live your life on a spiritual foundation rooted in God, and how to become a new creation in Christ, allowing God to live in you and through you, instead of striving and doing all the work.

By the end of the program, you’ll know…

  • Why Christian meditation is vital to your Christian walk. 
  • How your mind sabotages your life and relationship with God.
  • How to find a Christian meditation practice that is right for you and your circumstances. 
  • How to create a spiritual self care routine that keeps your heart and mind pure. 

Renew your mind. Purify your heart. Draw closer to God.

Here's how the program breaks down...

christian meditation course

In addition to the lessons, each week you’ll learn and practice Christian meditation and receive reflective journaling prompts to help you personalize and embrace each lesson further. 

In Lesson One, we embark on a journey into the world of Christian meditation. We explore the reasons why Christian meditation is worth pursuing, the meaning and purpose of Christian meditation, how it differs from other forms of meditation, and the relationship between the Bible and meditation. We dispel common myths and offer reflections and questions to encourage you to engage deeply with the material and begin your own daily meditation practice. Join us and start your journey towards spiritual growth and transformation.

In this lesson, we learn:

In Lesson Two, we dive deeper into Christian meditation and explore the scientific benefits of this ancient practice. Through a scientific lens, we examine how meditation affects the brain, body, and overall well-being. From reducing stress and anxiety to increasing focus and productivity, we’ll discover how meditation can positively impact your life. We’ll also cover the basics of Christian meditation, including its purpose, process, and techniques. Through scripture meditation practice, you’ll learn how to connect with God’s Word in a deeper and more meaningful way. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have a solid foundation in the science and practice of Christian meditation, and be well on your way to experiencing its life-changing benefits.

In this lesson, we learn:

In Lesson Three, we’ll explore the fascinating topic of the battle of the mind. The Bible has much to say about the power of the mind and its role in shaping our lives. We’ll dive into key scriptures that address the importance of our thoughts and the impact they have on our spiritual and emotional well-being. We’ll also examine the unrestrained mind and how it can lead to negative thought patterns and behaviors. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have a greater understanding of the power of your thoughts and how to use Christian meditation to take control of your mind and renew it according to God’s Word. Join us and learn how to win the battle of the mind and live a life of freedom and victory.

In this lesson, we learn:

In Lesson Four, we’ll explore the journey of becoming a new creation in Christ. Many Christians experience a “honeymoon stage” when they first come to faith, but then struggle to maintain that same level of enthusiasm and devotion. We’ll examine the challenges that come with trying to live the Christian life and offer practical advice on how to overcome them. Through Christian meditation practice, we’ll learn how to cultivate a deeper relationship with God and experience true transformation from the inside out. 

In this lesson, we learn:

In Lesson Five, we’ll tackle head-on the challenges and obstacles that often arise when attempting to develop a consistent Christian meditation practice. While the benefits of meditation are many, the journey towards regular practice can be difficult. We’ll explore common hurdles that can hinder progress, such as time constraints, distractions, and inner resistance. We’ll also discuss strategies and techniques for overcoming these obstacles and establishing a sustainable meditation practice that works for you. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have the tools and knowledge needed to overcome challenges and take your Christian meditation practice to the next level. 

In this lesson, we learn:

In Lesson Six, we’ll explore the topic of creating your own personal healing plan using the healing ladder. The healing ladder is a powerful tool that can help you identify and prioritize areas in your life that require healing and growth. We’ll discuss the various steps of the healing ladder to help you discover where you need to start the healing process. Through guided reflection and practical exercises, we’ll help you to uncover hidden areas of pain and brokenness and develop a plan for healing and restoration. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have a clear understanding of the process of healing your life and where you should be putting your efforts first and foremost. 

In this lesson, we learn:

In Lesson Seven, we’ll explore the importance of creating a daily spiritual self-care routine to renew your mind, purify your heart, and draw closer to God. In a world filled with stress and distractions, it’s essential to prioritize your spiritual health and well-being. We’ll discuss practical strategies for incorporating Christian meditation and other spiritual practices into your daily routine. We’ll also explore the transformative power of consistent practice and how it can help you to experience deeper levels of peace, joy, and connection with God. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have the tools and knowledge needed to create a daily spiritual self-care routine that works for you, and experience the transformative power of renewing your mind and purifying your heart. Join us on this journey towards spiritual growth and transformation.

In this lesson, we learn:

In Lesson Eight, we’ll explore the question of “what do you need to heal?” as we examine the internal and external challenges that can arise during meditation. Sometimes the obstacles we face are external, such as noisy surroundings or lack of time. Other times, they are internal, such as emotional pain or negative thought patterns. We’ll explore strategies for overcoming the internal challenges and learning to embrace difficult emotions in a healthy way. Through guided reflection and practical exercises, we’ll help you to identify areas in your life that require healing and growth. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have a greater understanding of your emotional and spiritual needs and be equipped with practical tools to address them. Join us on this final leg of our journey towards spiritual growth and transformation.

In this lesson, we learn:

Let Me Help You reach Your Goal Of A more Peaceful, Joyful, and Christ-Centered You!

Coaching & Accountability

You'll get direct coaching from Rhonda through pre-recorded video teachings, a dedicated place to ask questions, and weekly email check-ins to keep you on track.

Pathway to Success

If you have struggled with Christian meditation in the past, worry no more. You'll be guided weekly through specific lessons as well as practice instructions & methods. Just do the work and reap the benefits.


When you join the Meditate and Grow program, you join the M&G community, which consists of meditators who joined the program and have gone before you. 

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