Can I Be Possessed By Evil Spirits During Meditation? (Vlog)
CCan I Be Possessed By Evil Spirts During Meditation

Can I Be Possessed By Evil Spirits During Meditation? (Vlog)

I received a question today that I think is a legitimate question that might be on the minds of Christians as they start a meditation practice. And the question is if I start to meditate, am I opening myself up to unclear spirits or evil spirits?

And so, the short answer to that question is, no. I believe that in order to be possessed by a spirit, there are certain conditions. So if you have a family lineage of cult and dark practices, that sometimes, these spirits are invited into your lineage and they can attach themselves to you.

The other is you have to be dibble-dallying or dabbling into like cult practices, doing Ouija boards, different things like that or you actually have to invite the spirit into your life. Or if you’re in some really outrageous sin. No, not just your garden variety sin but you’re really doing something that is truly dark and really against God and you just kind of opened yourself up to this evil to somewhat take you over.

So in those instances, I believe that we invite these demonic forces into our lives. But in meditation, our goal really is to renew our minds and to purify our hearts. Let me share a scripture with you and it says, “Where there is strife and envy, there is every evil work.” And so, we are so much more likely to be influenced by evil, not when we’re meditating but when we’re in anger, when we’re in stride, when we are in disagreements, when we are triggered by certain things, and instead of controlling our spirit, we just let it all hang out.

But in meditation, our goal really is to cultivate inner peace. And when we are meditating unto the Lord, we are inviting God into our practice. So we have the company of God. It’s really about your intention. And for most of us, if we decide we want a meditation practice, it’s because we want to get rid of anger and strife, and anxiety, and stress, and negativity. That’s why most people meditate. And I know there’s this misconception while meditating is emptying the mind.

Well, let’s just think about that for a minute because I think a lot of our Christian minds need a good washing out. But washing from what? Negativity, limiting beliefs, shame, anger, guilt, fear, all of these things that we may be holding onto and it’s never been healed because our minds have never been truly renewed. And so, meditation helps us to come into stillness, come into silence, and become aware of our stuff. And so, sometimes I think one reason that this question comes up is because some people, they’ve been meditating and they start maybe to feel anxiety. Some fear might come up.

And really what’s happening is just like when we do a physical fast and those toxins, we kind of released out of our fat tissues and go into our bloodstream and we might get headaches or some people might get rashes and those type of things because they are now being extracted from our tissues. Well, the same thing happens with our emotions. When we incorporate silence into our life and stillness into our lives, our emotional toxins begin to come up. And sometimes that can induce anxiety and fear when we don’t know what to do with those things.

But in Christian meditation, I really encourage you to invite God into your pain. So if you’re meditating, these things are coming up, and you interpret them as something evil. No, it’s really just your own stuff, your own insecurities that had been buried down, sometimes all the way back to childhood because we clean the outside of the body but rarely do we have some ongoing practice to clean our internal, our minds, our hearts.

The Bible says that if your eye is full of light, then your whole body is full of light. And so, what it’s really saying is we see through a filter. So if we see through a filter of negativity and fear, that’s how we interpret a world. And so, we want to clean the filter, clean the filter, and that’s what our meditation practice helps us to do. The Scripture also says it’s not what goes into the belly that defiles the men, but it’s what comes out of the heart. That is what defiles the men. So we need to be really more concerned about the condition of our hearts and the condition of our minds than we do about evil spirits.

And I’m not saying that there are not evil spirits that are influencing us, the spirit real world is real. And God is a spirit and the Bible says that we must worship Him in spirit and in truth. And so, when we do spiritual disciplines like meditation, we really are tapping more into the spirit. And yeah there are spiritual things out there that are not always on the good side of God so to speak. But when we are meditating under the auspice of God, we are under his love, we are under his light, and we are under His protection.

And so, I really don’t believe that that is really a valid reason, not to meditate because there are so many wonderful, wonderful benefits that we can glean from meditation, that I believe that every Christian should be a meditating Christian. The Bible tells us that the mind controlled by the spirit is life and peace. So when our mind is doing its own thing and it’s just chattering all the time, and we can’t turn that thing off and it’s filled with negativity, that is not a mind-controlled by the spirit. And we’re really only as healthy as our minds where everything goes back to the mind.

If you want to learn more about how the mind might be sabotaging your relationship with God and your life, now go to my website, and watch my free 4 part series on It’s All In Your Mind video series. I also want to encourage you, if you are interested in a Christian meditation practice and you want to do it the easy way, step by step, I encourage you to check out my book on Amazon, The Christian Meditation Journal, which will take you in daily steps on creating a Christian meditation practice and a transforming morning routine.

Because when we first start out with medication as beginners, it really is important to have instruction, have a book to guide you, to be in a group, to have a coach because meditation is really a discipline. It’s so much more than just sitting and going and sitting quietly somewhere. And so, in fact, in one of my introduction to Christian meditation video course, in week three, I talk all about the challenges in meditation because there are some and you want to know how to work through those things so you don’t attribute those things to evil spirits and all these things on the outside.

We really in honesty, in all honesty, we really need to be more concerned about what’s going on the inside of us and the Bible says, one of my favorite Scriptures is to purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.

So I would be more concerned about my internal state in mind, that I would be concerned about what’s going on out here. So I hope that answers your question. If you have any other questions for me, please leave them below. Leave a comment about what you think about evil spirits and meditation. And if you like this video, please like it and share it.

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