5 Simple But Effective Tips to Bust a Bad Mood
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9 Simple But Effective Tips to Bust a Bad Mood

We all have been there, to stressed out or tired from a long day and we find ourselves in a bad mood. Did you know there are some simple, but effective tips you can use to bust a bad mood? In this article, I explain nine of these helpful tips!

In today’s hustle and bustle world, there comes a time where everyone gets put in a bad mood. Whether you wake up in a bad mood or someone causes you to be in one, the idea of being in a bad mood is inevitable. In reality, you can’t stop taking care of business because you feel a little down. Life keeps happening and you have to keep up! What do you do when you feel drained emotionally and don’t have the time to take for yourself? These healthy tips on boosting your mood should have you back to normal in no time!

bad mood

Spend Some Time In Prayer

Sometimes, to feel better, only a brief time-out can make all the difference. You can even do it quietly in public. Just take a few moments, close your eyes and speak to God. He already knows more than you realize, and just clarifying your issue can bring enormous relief. After spending a few moments in connection with the Lord, you will feel a weight lifted from your shoulders. It’s always best to let Him guide you. He loves you, and is always there with you.

bad mood

Read the Bible

Even if you have to keep a small one with you everyday, reading the Bible can lift your spirit up in a matter of moments. Read your favorite passages, the ones special to you for when you need a reminder that God really is in control, and He has your back. Meditate on the verse, “Cast every care on Him because He Cares for you.” Repeat it often and allow it to penetrate your inner being. Another great verse is, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” And my personal favorite, “All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His good purpose.” Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing your perspective and seeing your circumstance from the eyes of God. Remember, this too shall pass.

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As you probably know, if you’ve read anything on this website, meditation is beneficial in overcoming negative thoughts and emotions and restoring your peace of mind. It is our repetitive and destructive thoughts that often keep us holding onto toxic emotions. Instead of letting the incident go once it has occurred, we have a tendency to continue to play the scenario over and over again in our minds which just extends our suffering. Pop in a guided Christian meditation Cd or practice a scripture or affirmative meditation to quell negative thoughts and get your mind back in the present moment and on God’s peace. If too busy to meditate, then how about listening to some positive Christian affirmations? Listening to affirmations can help you to renew your mind and plant God’s word in your heart, when you need it most. Just a few minutes of meditation or affirmations can do wonders for a bad mood. While meditating, imagine giving all your cares and concerns over to God.

bad mood

Take Some Deep Breathes

Another great way to enhance your mood is to “breathe” or “exhale.” Yes, exhale all that negative energy. This deep breathing exercise can help you to calm down in just one minute. Here’s what to do: Sit with both feet on the ground. Place both hands comfortably in your lap. Breath in deeply filling your lungs with air to the count of seven, hold the breath to the count of seven, slowly exhale the breath to the count of seven pushing all the breath from your belly. Continue for one minute. You can do entire exercise with your eyes closed.

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Stop and Block Those Thoughts

As I stated earlier, a bad mood is just an indication of  “bad or angry thoughts.” Therefore, in order to eliminate a bad mood, you must do something with those pesky thoughts dancing around in your head. To begin, first identify what you are thinking. Often, because we associate our thoughts with, “that’s just how I am,” we may not observe them as separate from ourselves. However, we are not our thoughts. Instead, our thoughts are the accumulation of all the past conditioning, messages, media, and experiences that constantly invade our mind. Sometimes I will have a debilitating thought and instead of just accepting it, I analysize it. I may ask, “Where is this coming from?” “Who is this coming from?” “Why am I thinking this?” Just because you think it, doesn’t make it so. Also, just because you think it, doesn’t mean you have to swim in it either! Therefore, you can stop, block, or modify the thoughts causing you to have a bad mood. See if you can look at your situation or the person from another perspective. At the very least, you can challenge the thoughts and squash them with a powerful scripture. Don’t allow the enemy to steal your joy by giving your peace away. Fight back!

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Call a Friend

Another way to feel better is to call a trusted friend. You can even call a family member, or a member of your church. People who care about you and always seem to make you smile. Even a quick and friendly conversation can elevate your mood. It’s great to call someone and just let them know your thinking about them or that you love them. This can brighten up their day too! Maybe your call would be just what they needed to make their day a little better. Who knows, maybe they will give someone they love a call and brighten their day as well.

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Get Outdoors

Been stuck inside all day? Whether at home or the office it can get stuffy sitting inside. If you’re at work, take a break. Go for a quick stroll on your lunch break. Ask a coworker to go with you. Walk to the corner to get a beverage. A little fresh air can clear out your mind and give you energy. If you’re at home, go outside! If you have a dog, take him for a walk. He will certainly appreciate the extra attention and it’s good for your health. Maybe you have a garden. Go out for a few minutes and enjoy the flowers. Watering and caring for plants can be therapeutic, and most can be managed everyday in a short amount of time. My mom will often spend hours on her knees picking out the fall leaves from the rocks in her backyard. She tells me it’s like a meditation. Sometimes I do it with her, and it is very calming and relaxing.

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Spend A Few Moments With Your Kids

In some cases this might not be a good idea, especially if it is your children creating the bad mood. However, if that is not the case, it’s easy to get so caught up in everything, that you miss out on a little quality time with your children. Take a break and find out how their day is going. It makes every parent feel better to know how their child is doing. Are they working on any new projects? They can always use a little advice from their Mom or Dad. It does a lot for a child’s self esteem when their parent tells them what a good job they did today. Who doesn’t like giving (or getting) a little positive feedback every now and again. If you are a grandparent, like me, pick up your grandchildren and take them to the park or for ice cream. Getting our minds off of ourselves and onto others is a great way to bust a bad mood.

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Pet Your Pet

If you have a dog or a cat (or even a bird!) then this is a perfect time to give them a little attention. Petting a loved animal has been proven to lower blood pressure and generally increase mood. Animals can be little angels that know when you’re sad, happy, or anxious. Give them a chance; they just want to make you happy!

There is a lot one can do to boost their mood and relieve stress in a short period of time. Letting go and feeling the love of the Lord is a sure fire way to do it. Sometimes with busy schedules, jobs, school, and kids activities, you can lose sight of what is most important. Having a daily connection with God can keep you on the right path, and keep your mind at ease.


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