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Christian Affirmations

If you can change your thoughts, you can change your life.

If you can change your thoughts, you can change your life. As Christians, we are on a constant journey to renew our minds. Being a believer doesn’t exclude us from faulty thinking, bad habits, and destructive behaviors. We battle with these everyday. Some are so engrained in us we don’t even realize they are there. While other bad habits or mindsets may be clear to us, lasting change is often fleeting. Effective change comes only when we change our thoughts and allow them to penetrate our hearts. Whether you want to stop procrastinating, build a healthy marriage, increase your self-esteem, create abundance and healing, gain more confidence, walk by faith, make clear decisions or possess more joy and gratitude all begins with your mind.

My Christian Affirmation CDs are based on Biblical principles, scriptures, and positive statements that promote and encourage success, healthly thinking, and faith. Get more information about the benefits of Christian Affirmations, read Why Christian Affirmations?

Christian Affirmations based on Biblical principles and the scriptures can help you to:

·Eliminate debilitating beliefs
·Renew your mind for passion and purpose
·Stop self defeating behavior
·Get a new outlook on your circumstances
· Plant good seeds in your mind
·Say goodbye to your inner critic

Play affirmations while driving, sitting in traffic, working, cleaning, and relaxing. They will actually help you to change the way you think!

Each Affirmation CD includes:
– Gentle, yet upbeat background music
– An optional deep breathing and progressive relaxation introduction
– Up to 80 faith-based affirmations (repeated twice)
– A period of silence

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Affirmation CDs


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