Christian Affirmations: Why Use Them?

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Christian Affirmations are one of the best ways to plant God’s word in your heart. 

Christian affirmations


If you can change your behaviors.  We battle with these everyday.  Some are so engrained in us we don’t even realize they are there. While other bad habits or mindsets may be clear to us,  lasting change is often fleeting.r thoughts, you can change your life.  As Christians, we are on a constant journey to renew our minds.   Being a believer doesn’t exclude us from faulty thinking, bad habits, and destructive

Effective change comes only when we change our thoughts and allow them to penetrate our hearts.  The Bible tells us that it is what’s in our heart that creates our reality or present circumstances. Whether you want to stop procrastinating, build a healthy marriage, increase your self-esteem, create abundance and healing, gain more confidence, walk by faith, make clear decisions or possess more joy and gratitude all begins with your mind.

Making the Best Use of Christian Affirmations CDs

Many people use affirmations to change or alter destructive or limiting beliefs. Christian affirmations can be quite effective if they are used consistently for at least 30 days. It takes time for the mind to embrace these new thoughts or beliefs as its own.  However, affirmations can be even more effective if you do the following:

Listen to the affirmations in a state of relaxation. All of my Christian affirmations  have an optional progressive relaxation. I have heard by experts that affirmations are 1000 times more effective if the mind is relaxed while listening to them. A relaxed mind is more open to suggestion and less likely to resist what is being said. Therefore, for best result, try listening to affirmations following the relaxation session or when you are in a restful state, like first thing in the morning before getting out of bed or while drifting off to sleep at night. It still a good idea to play affirmations in the background while driving or doing daily tasks. Usually during these times the mind is more relaxed and open as well as you are concentrating on something else.

Affirmations are also more effective if you are aware of your core limiting beliefs and can cancel them out. Many of the Christian affirmations on CD will use phrase like, “I release the need to.”  This is a form of canceling out a limiting belief.  When we don’t cancel them out, it like putting good on bad. Our internal conflict may continue to exist. Jesus told us to put new wine into new wine bottles. You’d never plan a flower garden without first digging up the weeds. We need to do the same when planting new affirmations in our mind if we want them to have a fighting chance.

Recently I created an affirmation for a friend who was suffering mentally and emotionally. As I spoke with my friend I realized that she had a strong limiting playing over and over in her mind. It was “It’s too late.”  I told her that until she addressed her core limiting belief the affirmations would not take hold. I suggested that for every 20 times she said her positive affirmation, she needed to cancel out the limiting belief at least once. So twenty times she was to say, “By Jesus stripes I am healed, spirit, soul, and body.” Then she was to say, “I cancel the lie that “it’s too late.” I spoke with her several days later and she reported that she noticed her mind was calming down by using this system.

So how do we discover our limiting beliefs? Well that’s another article but the best place to begin is to listen to your thoughts especially any thoughts that tell you why you can’t do this or that? This is your inner critic also discouraging you to live from the heart.

Christian Affirmations on Cd and Mp3s  based on Biblical principles and the scriptures can help you to:·

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  • Eliminate debilitating beliefs
  • Renew your mind for passion and purpose
  • Stop self defeating behavior
  • Get a new outlook on your circumstances
  • Plant good seeds in your mind
  • Say goodbye to your inner critic

My Christian Affirmations on CD are based on Biblical principles, scriptures, and positive statements that promote and encourage success, healthy thinking, and faith. Each Christian Affirmations CD includes:
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  • Gentle, yet upbeat background music
  • An optional deep breathing and progressive relaxation introduction
  • Up to 80 faith-based affirmations (repeated twice)
  • A period of Silence
Play Christian affirmations while driving, sitting in traffic, working,cleaning, and relaxing. They will actually help you to change the way you think!

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