Detox Your Life Takes a Holistic Approach Healing Body, Mind, & Spirit

Eliminate mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical toxins with the guidance of a brand new e-program titled Detox Your Life Now and Awaken Your Inner Spirit that has been released by Serenity Enterprises.

The aim of this Christian health, fitness, and wellness program is to help believers and other spiritual seekers cleanse themselves of toxins that interfere with their overall health and well-being and God’s best for their lives.

Detox Your Life Now and Awaken Your Inner Spirit takes a spiritual and holistic approach to health and healing. The program is unique in that most self-help programs address one or more specific areas like clearing clutter or overcoming emotional eating instead of uncovering the source of many problems, which most often begin with a renewing of the mind and purification of the spirit. Once we change our thoughts and cleanse our heart, the natural byproduct is a healthier body and outer world,” say the author and Health and Spiritual Coach Rhonda Jones.

The 10-week self-study program guides members through detoxing seven core areas starting with the mind and then progressing to the spirit, body, relationships, schedule, environment, vision or purpose. “When we are out of balance in one area, it tends to flow over to other areas as well,” says Jones. “Jesus said, when referring to the physical body, that when one member suffers, the whole body is affected. It’s just like spot-reducing,” said Jones, “fitness experts will tell you there is no such thing. You must exercise the whole body just to lose weight in your waist or thighs. That’s why addressing the core or root cause is so important.”

The e-program contains a 192-page e-guide that includes 78 daily spiritual and practical lessons and comes with 16 Christ-centered meditation and affirmation mp3 recordings. Each day, members spend quiet time with God, meditate on scripture, journal their thoughts and inspirations, and complete the “Diving Deeper” portion of the lesson to identify blockages like fear, doubt, negative thinking, or limiting beliefs. Participants then complete one or more spiritual or practical activities aimed to successfully resolve these blockages once and for all.

Jones, who is also the creator of 23 Christian meditation and affirmation recordings created the e-program to address the numerous inquiries she receives each week from website visitors asking her how God lead her from a deep depression to joy, peace, and victory. “It was Christian meditation integrated with various biblical insights and spiritual disciplines that turned my life around,” said Jones.

Jones has been selling her CDs online for over three years, while her website, boasts over 500,000 hits per month from Christians looking for ways to de-stress, relax, and create greater intimacy with God.

Detox Your Life Now and Awaken Your Inner Spirit can be purchased at

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