Spiritual Self-Care Challenge in Just 10 Minutes a Day

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Want to nurture your spirit in just 10-minutes per day! If you said “yes”, I got you!
Drumroll please… now announcing The 25-Day Spiritual Self-Care Challenge!
So whether you struggle with negative thoughts, feel stressed, or need to connect with your inner spirit, take the 25-Day Challenge and in just 10 minutes a day see how much better you feel.
Please download, print, post, and share this with your friends and family.
Make a friend or family challenge out of it. When completed, go for coffee or lunch (post corona) and share about the highlights, aha moments,  or benefits. Or maybe we can Zoom about it later. 🙂
Another option:  Finish the challenge and then reward yourself with something nice or fun, like those new boots you’ve been eyeing or a much needed massage.
Are you in? Email me back and say, “Yes! I’m In! Don’t forget to share your progress with me along the way.
BTW, you can do the challenge in order or skip around. After completing a day, just cross it out.
Just think, in 25-days, life may go back to relative normal. Let’s pray it does! 
Get the link below!


1 thought on “Spiritual Self-Care Challenge in Just 10 Minutes a Day”

  1. Thank you so much. You have truly been a blessing!
    Debra from Atlanta

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