Spiritual Lifelessness

What is Spiritual Lifelessness?

I would characterize spiritual lifelessness as being ignorant to the ways and moves of the spirit in your life as well as your being. People are generally spiritual lifeless because they:

  1. Don’t know that God’s spirit lives in them.
  2. Aren’t seeking to connect with the spirit within them.
  3. Are distracted by the material and physical things of the world
  4. Are to busy to be still and create space for God’s spirit to speak to them.

In the Bible, Jesus said that my kingdom is not of this world. He also said that He (Jesus) is spirit and life. Jesus wants to awaken the Holy Spirit within us. In fact, Jesus said, once you receive the Holy Spirit that you no longer need a spiritual teacher because the Spirit will teach you all things.

When Jesus stands at the door and knocks, He wants us to invite Him into our heart.

Acknowledging and being lead by the Spirit is connecting with your true self and makes life so much more fulfilling. One way that I connect regularly with God’s Spirit within me is to meditate. I do Christian meditation. Meditation helps me to quiet my mind so that we can hear and be more sensitive to the Spirit living with me.

If you are interested in expanding God’s Spirit in your life, first ask God to fill you with His Spirit and then spend quiet time each day in meditation to allow the Spirit to grow in your life. If you’d like a little help with this, visit my website at Christian Meditation- What Do You Need to Heal?

If you would like, please join my Christian’s Who Meditate Facebook Group!

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