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Learn about & listen to Christian Meditation Music guaranteed to bring you closer to God.

Christian Meditation Music
Christian Meditation Music

Summary: Christian Meditation Music brings you closer to God, learn about it and find out how.

Christian Meditation Music is a calming and relaxing state of awareness that intensely focuses on thinking about God & Holy Scriptures. Here I will share information about Christian meditation music so you can learn all about its history, listen to it and how it can benefit your life such as relieving stress, removing anxiety and for weight loss. Even if you are not part of the Christian religion, everyone can enjoy Christian meditation music and reap its benefits.[call2action_cm][rhondanews_cm]

I advocate for God’s goodness and aid believers in Christ, those seeking God or those seeking peace by providing information and meditation music drawing us all closer to God and to “be” in His presence. Christian Meditation Music provides all who listens to it peace of mind and calmness. It will refresh your Spirit and provide inspiration through God’s presence. With Christian Meditation Music, We become more in tune with Christ

Meditation Music: What’s It All About?

To learn about Christian meditation music, you must first know about the history of meditation music. Meditation music is music performed to help one practice meditation.

Christian Meditation Music
Christian Meditation Music


Meditation music as a whole became very popular in the 20th century. That’s when people like Tony Scott created meditation music such as Music for Zen Meditation. As the years progressed, more meditation music was released to great fanfare such as Olivier Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time (1941) and Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Inori (1974).

Now that we have the basics of meditation music, I’ll now share about Christian meditation music. Olivier Messiaen who is spoken about above, created his most popular meditation music which is Christian based: Quartet for the End of Time (1941). Messiaen himself was a devout Catholic and commonly played organs in the church.

Christian Meditation Music
Christian Meditation Music

Christian meditation music is a form of music that involves prayer which brings those who listen to it closer to God. It makes us who listen and practice Christian meditation become more aware and reflects upon God’s revelations.

Meditation, which in Latin is “medit?r?,” has various meanings which include reflection, studying and practice. Christian meditation music focuses on intense thoughts such as the Bible scriptures and reflecting on their meaning in context of our love of God with soothing sounds behind it.

Christian meditation music aids and heightens our personal relationship involving our love of God. Christian meditation music involves a lot of reflection and sometimes includes vocal prayers as well as contemplated to prayer mixed into a soothing audio landscape.

Christian meditation music also involves education and learning. Christian meditation music does this by increasing our knowledge of Christ through music. For example, Christian meditation music can involve looking upon Jesus’ life, the joy he brings to us and the adoration of God in bringing Jesus to us to save us from our sins.
Christian meditation music involves actions of the Holy Spirit to help us Christians meditate and understand with more meaning the word of God. Guigues du Chastel spoke about this and stated that when meditation begins, the Holy Spirit enters the soul of the person who is meditating in essence, it turns water to wine and shows us the path of better understanding God and allows us to contemplate more on our faith.

Christian Meditation Music Versus Non- Christian Meditation Music

Christian meditation music is different from the style of non-Christian meditation music in that Christian meditation music fills our minds with scriptures from the Bible and fills us with devotion to Christianity. With Non-Christian forms of meditation music, the music is meant to separate our minds from thinking and is focused on breathing.

Christian Meditation Music
Christian Meditation Music

Non-Christian meditation music has been known to provide intense feelings of ecstasy where as Christian meditation music has sounds that aids us in seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit and focuses less on any feelings of ecstasy.

Non-Christian meditation is about quieting the mind where Christian meditation is about stimulating our minds and finding deep meaning about the Holy Spirit and his words. Non-Christian meditation music is usually focus on a euphoric feeling where Christian meditation music is more of a calming and relaxing audio landscape that draws us closer to God.

Christian Meditation Music In The Bible

In the Old Testament of the Bible there are mentions of Christian meditation, and where there is meditation there is associated music. For example, the Bible mentions meditate and meditation over a dozen times in the book of Psalms is mentioned at least 10 times. Here isn’t an example of meditation being said in the book of Joshua “Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night.”

Christian Meditation Music
Christian Meditation Music

Christian Meditation Music & Stress

Whether you are Christian or not stress is a part of life for all of us. Christian meditation music is a great solution to alleviate stress and provide stress relief. The soothing sounds and human vocal prayer provide us relaxing music that draws us closer to God.

Christian Meditation Music For Stress Relief

View my Christian Meditation Music for Stress, Peace and Drawing Closer to God

Christian Meditation Music Helps With Stress Problems

The Bible instructs us to rest in God to think about great things this can be difficult to do when you are under a lot of pressure and stress. Christian meditation music provides an audio landscape that combines inspirational and soothing music that is full of biblical words that will comfort and enable us all to relax and rejuvenate ourselves.

Christian meditation music offsets distress we have in our lives and reminds us who we are and that God loves us. Christian meditation music will help us to overcome stress and switch out those feelings with the power of overcoming whatever is stressing us out. Christian meditation music does this by instilling in us that nothing can separate us from the love of our God.

Christian Meditation Music
Christian Meditation Music

Christian meditation music will allow you to stop your mind from racing and relieve the stresses causing you uneasiness. With calming prayers filled with encouragement from Bible scriptures allows us to have deep relaxation evening away our tensions instilling happiness while removing stress.

When you’re feeling frazzled Christian meditation music will help you to relax and remove stress when you need it most. It could be due to having a very important meeting or dealing with a life-changing event. Whatever is stressing you out Christian meditation music is there to help you along the way to get through it with the power of God’s words and grace.

Christian Meditation Music & Weight Loss

There are many people who wonder can Christian meditation music help you with weight loss? The answer to that question is yes it definitely can.

Christian Meditation Music
Christian Meditation Music

Christian Meditation Music Weight Loss Video

My video below will help provide powerful & positive affirmations to help you lose weight and invigorate your workouts. Positive Power Affirmations based upon God’s word is a great way to renew your mind while you exercise, walk, jog, workout, or just to jump start your day on your journey to weight loss.

Losing Weight With Christian Meditation Music

Meditation as a whole can help you lose weight, a verse from the Bible helps dictate that ” Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful,” as seen in Joshua 1:8.

Christian meditation music definitely does work as a combines Bible verses which helps with weight loss goals. Christian meditation music fills your mind with the word of God which will give you the power to lose weight. Christian meditation music for weight loss is quite effective as a gives you the determination and will to eat right and perform exercise.

Many find it hard to fit exercise into their schedule but when you listen to Christian meditation music on your down time it will help invigorate you to find the time in addition you can also listen to Christian meditation music as you work out. Stressing about wanting to lose weight fast will become a thing of the pass as you work toward your goals listening to the sounds of Christian meditation music.

Christian Meditation Music Weight Loss Yoga Video

My Christian yoga video provides a gentle journey into working out. What is Christian Yoga? The difference between Christian yoga and traditional yoga is the emphasis on scripture and glorying God in our mind, body, and spirit.

Slim Down With Christian Meditation Music

Christian meditation music will give you the willpower to slim down and instill that performing an action to lose weight is better than inaction. While listening to Christian meditation music for weight loss, you will think about all the trials and tribulations that Jesus and his disciples have had to go through to help us with salvation. That will give us all the determination to save our health and focusing on watching out weight and losing weight.

Christian Affirmations for Weight loss (Includes Healthy Living) CD

Christian Affirmations for Weight loss (Includes Healthy Living) CD

While you listen to Christian meditation music to skinny down, you will be mindful of what you eat and plan better eating and focusing on healthier lifestyle. For example you can think of the Garden of Eden, Eve took a bite out of something that brought sin to the world. If you are thinking of eating any types of bad food think to yourself and say to yourself do not be like Eve eating the wrong thing, you must focus on righteousness and eating healthy food. If the temptation of eating food that will harm your health and add weight is getting close, think about the Christian meditation music you’ve heard and build up your strength to avoid the bad food and eat something healthy. Just know and understand that God is there to help you and provide you the strength you need.

Christian Meditation Music To Draw Closer To God

Christian Meditation Music has a main focus of bringing us Closer to God. Are you ready to worship the lord and draw closer to Him? Christian Meditation Music allows that to happen. Just listen to the music and spend time in His presence. You can do this every day, to have pre-set times to do this you can grab a journal and set aside one hour on specific days and use my Date with God devotional video below to experience God and draw closer to Him in a whole new way!

Christian Meditation Music: An Ultimate Date With God Devotional Power Hour Video To Draw Closer To God

Drawing close to God is may not be easy for some as we live among people who lack faith in God. Christian Meditation Music helps encourage us as fellow believers in God to draw closer to Him. Going to Church gathering is one way to draw closer to God, but when that is not available, we have Christian Meditation Music to listen to which helps us to draw close to God. Various forms of Christian Meditation Music provide us great opportunities to benefit from the teachings and Love of God combined with relaxing music and prayers.

How Can Christian Meditation Music Draw You Close To God?

You can draw close to God by meditating with Christian Music about His Word. You can think intensely about His activities, promises, advice and salvation He has brought us. Prayerful Christian Music Meditation builds further builds our devotion and appreciation in our heart for God’s love and wisdom which draws us close to God.

Christian Meditation Music
Christian Meditation Music

How will drawing close to God with Christian Meditation Music benefit you?

God cares for all people him and helps to provide guidance. With the power of Christian Meditation Music you will channel his love for you as He protects you from anything that is reducing your quality of life such as being overweight, stress, anxiety, unable to sleep and any other things that jeopardize our well-being. As Psalm 91:1, 2, 7-10 states, He warns us against ways of life that threaten our health and happiness. God teaches us the best way to live life, what better way to channel and further instill that in us than to listen to Christian Meditation Music.

Enjoy Hours of Christian Meditation Music

I have provided several hours of free Christian Meditation Music for you to listen to. You can also view the top 10 Christian Meditation Music Videos guaranteed to bring you closer to God here: Christian Meditation Youtube. Enjoy this large collection of Christian Meditation Music below as they help bring you closer to God.

Christian Meditation Music
Christian Meditation Music

Christian Meditation Music: I Choose Life Christian Meditation & Prayer

This prayer video shares that God tells us to choose life, let go of the past, and run the race ahead. This Christian meditation prayer with uplifting relaxation music is full of positive Christian affirmations to meditate on.

Christian Meditation Music: Healing Prayer, The Lord is My Healer with Narration

God is the Lord that heals thee! Enjoy this healing prayer with narration to confess you’re healing and stand upon God’s word for your health and wholeness. This prayer for healing is based upon Psalms 23 in the Bible.

Christian Meditation Music: When I Open My Eyes, A Christian Meditation Morning Prayer

This Christian meditation Morning Prayer and is full of scripture affirmations which are set to uplifting spiritual relaxing music. It provides you a conscious state of mind to use as a daily devotion to Christianity while focusing your day on the Lord while committing your mind, body, and work unto Jesus.

Christian Meditation Music: Thank You Lord, Christian Meditation, Prayer and Affirmations

This Christian Meditation music full of prayer and affirmations provide uplifting relaxing music. This Christian Meditation Music gives thanks to the Lord for his love, blessings, abundance, protection and so much more.

Christian Meditation Music: Relaxing Meditation Music with Uplifting Scriptures- Release Worry & Anxiety

Enjoy this relaxing Christian Meditation Music with uplifting scriptures for meditation, contemplation, healing and relaxation to release anxiety, fear, worry, and stress.

Christian Meditation Music: Its History, Its Music and Its Benefits

I’ve enjoyed sharing my knowledge of Christian Meditation Music, its history, how it became popular and examples of its music along with its benefits. The Christian Meditation Music provided is by myself, Rhonda Jones, known popularly as “The Christian Meditator.” I hope you find this page inspiring and enlightening to what Christian Meditation Music is all about. You can purchase my Christian Meditation Music on my website and enjoy the feedback and testimonials I’ve received as a Christian Meditation Music artist. I’m a one woman band who loves to create and listen to Christian Meditation Music. I hope you’ve enjoyed my compilation of Christian Meditation Music which helps you to meditate, pray, overcome obstacles and reflect in God’s Glory.

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