Online Christ-Centered Healing Yoga (Replay)

Just in case you missed it, or would like to participate again, here is the replay of my April 4, 2020 Live Christ-Centered Healing Yoga Class. We had between 30-40 in attendance and the class incorporated several healing techniques to help us let go of destructive emotions. 

Please Read Before Starting– Inadvertently, I started the recording about 15 minutes into the session so you’re missing a part of prayer, introduction, and selecting an issue/problem/struggle you want to release. Before starting, please think about something you would like to overcome. It could be fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, financial situation, or anything else. Then start the video. Lastly, please see comments below and leave one as well. I would love to know if you felt a reduction in your issue/stress, etc. Blessings! 🙂 

You can find more Christ-Centered Yoga Classes in the Be Still and Know Membership.

Here are a few class comments. Please leave any additional comments below:

Great class Rhonda loved the way you integrated several healing modalities!! “- Brenda

“Yes, I loved it too! I loved the way you simply integrated EFT tapping into the session. I never thought of that – but yoga is bilateral stimulation … genius !!!”- Karen

“Thank you Rhonda you are a blessing. This was my first time in a zoom meeting I’ll have to figure out how to enlarge on my computer or tv for next time”- Sandra

“Thank you for inviting me. Such a blessing to start the day with meditation, prayer and yoga. You are such a blessing. Are you planning a series?”- Cynthnia

“Shout out – great class loved it as always.’- Bobbi

“Thanks for the great class! I’m a PT and thought I had pretty good body awareness and control, but as you could see, this new dimension challenges me big time! I so appreciate the other techniques you bring in, keeping them all Christ.centered. Looking forward to the 10-day challenge!! Again thanks for allowing God to use your gifts to help others.” – Mike

“Rhonda I attended the class today….I loved it. The simplified way you focused on the scripture text and moved into prayer before the exercises, is indeed very helpful in coping with the current level of anxiety and stress. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you”- Joanna 

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