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The Be Still Christian Meditation Online Monthly Membership allows like-minded Christians to connect around the areas of meditation, spiritual growth, and health/wellness all from the comfort of your own home.

The Christian Meditation Online
Studio Membership Includes:

  • Monthly Christian meditation mini-retreat.
  • Two Christ-centered healing yoga classes.
  • One monthly spiritual & wellness workshop.
  • Build a practice & a community with like-minded believers!
  • Access to the Christian Meditation Listening Library (Over 75 guided meditations)
  • Enjoy occasional guest instructors. 
  • Archive of past videos.
*All classes are video recorded and can be watched at a later date!
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Your Membership Also Includes an Extensive Meditation Listening Library!

Over 75 Guided Christian Meditation & Affirmation Recordings on a Variety of Categories and Topics!

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Guided Meditation Categories & Topics: 

  • 5 Minutes with God Meditations for Busy Christians
  • Abundance & Success  Guided Christian Meditations and Affirmations (Audios)
  • Peace of Mind & Stress Relief  Guided Christian Meditations and Affirmations (Audios)
  • Best of Christian Meditation Series (Audios)
  • Emotional Healing Guided Christian Meditations and Affirmations (Audios)
  • Physical Healthy & Healing Guided Christian Meditations and Affirmations (Audios)
  • Worshipping God  Guided Christian Meditations and Affirmations (Audios)
  • Marriage, Family, and Relationships  Guided Christian Meditations and Affirmations (Audios)
  • 10- Day Christian Meditation Challenge and Devotionals
  • Live Christian Meditation Group Meetings

Try One of My Guided Meditations Now!

When you are a part of the membership you have access to over 75 guided meditation videos to enhance your time with God. What other benefits will you’ll receive:

  • More peace of mind
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Draw closer to God
  • Experience God’s presence

Try out Pure Living Water Guided Meditation Now! Just sit back and relax, then push the play button.

Participate in Live Monthly Workshops with Rhonda & Others Christian Wellness Professionals!

As a part of your membership, can participate in live online workshops with Rhonda. Some of my favorite workshops include: Creating Manifesting Journals, Meditating with prayer beads, and Hypno-Healing! Some additional topics we will explore include:

  • Dynamic Mindfulness for Children
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Essentials oils
  • Manifesting Your Vision
  • Health and Wellness
  • Deepening your Meditation Practice
  • Inner Healing
  • And More
Are You a Christian Health Professional?
FYI- If you are a Christian health professional and would like to facilitate a workshop, please let me know. 

What Are Others Saying about the Christian Meditation Membership!

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“Thank you very much for sharing your Christian meditation methods. I have had borderline high blood pressure reaching into the 140s for a couple of years, but today I practiced Christian meditation at the doctor’s office and my pressure went down to 127/76 which I have never seen before. Thank the Lord! Thank you for your ministry!”

“I have ordered a few of your meditation CD’s and wow have they helped me! I went through a really bad spell recently, changing depression meds and felt so uptight. I popped those CD’s in and it was like taking a tranquilizer. The Lord has truly annointed you for this ministry. Thank you, my sister.  Blessings!”

“I have found a new internal peace since starting Christian Meditation. My comprehension of scripture has improved and I feel so much happier. Most of my thoughts are positive. When I get a negative thought its soon gone, I replace it with abba or the Lord is my Shepherd.  Other people have also noticed a change in me. I have to say that this web site and Christian Meditation have changed my life. Thank you Rhonda. Peace.”

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Build Community

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Why I Created the Be Still and Know Membership

As someone who suffered with chronic depression for 4-long years, it pains my heart to see my brothers and sisters suffer. Although as Christians, we’re supposed to have the joy of the Lord, so many of us struggle with anxiety, negative thoughts, and depression.

Over the past 15 years, I have been sharing this transformative practice through courses, retreats, and guided meditations. As a result, I have been able to hone my skills and training to help you facilitate your mental health and healing, and find inner peace.

Ready you get your peace back? Ready to draw closer to God? join the membership today!

Quick Look at Be Still and Know Membership Benefits:

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$40 / MONTH

Billed monthly at $40


$199 / YEAR*

Just around $17 per month* Or, can make 2-payments of $99.99

Seeking Membership Instructors & Facilitators

Are you a faith-based meditation, yoga, personal development, healing or health-oriented instructor who loves Christ and interested in teaching a Christ-centered class(es) or workshop? Contact me!


*These rates are locked in for as long as you are a member. If the prices increase for new members, it won’t affect your payment. 

your monthly membership at any time. Refunds are NOT available for the monthly membership. Persons who purchase the yearly members can request a refund within 3-days of purchase by requesting via email with reason for request. 

Questions About Membership

Question # 1- I am currently a Be Still, Listening Library  or Academy member, how does this affect my membership?

Answer- All previous members are welcomed to cancel their previous membership and join the online studio. All previous memberships are being fazed out. All courses are now available for purchase at set pricing. 

Question #2- How does this membership differ from the Academy.

Answer: The Academy is not longer available for membership, however it is more of a self-paced membership with a variety of tools and courses available. The New Christian Meditation Studio includes mostly live classes and instruction as well as the Listening Library that contains over 70 guided meditations and affirmation recordings.

Question # 3- Can we request new content for The Christian Meditation Studio Membership?

Answer- Yes you can. The topics of the membership change monthly. If there is a topic you’d like covered, please let me know.

Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation