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  • Renew Your Mind & Purify Your Heart
  • Deepen Your Connection & Commitment with God
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind and Wellbeing
  • Help Your Family and Friends Heal
  • Remove those Little Foxes Before they Destroy the Vine
  • Identify & Let Go of Fears, Pain, and Limiting Beliefs

Any of These Sound Familiar?

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"I've Tried, But I Just Can't Meditate!"
"Is Meditation of Really Christian?"
"Am I Even Doing it Right?"

Have you tried to meditate in the past and felt completely lost or like giving up?

Maybe you’ve thought,”I can’t meditate, my mind won’t stop wandering!”

Or even questioned, “Is Christian meditation really Christian?”

Some other questions I’ve heard include:

How long before I see benefits?

“Can I be possessed by evil spirits?

Or, “How do I incorporate this into my already busy life?”


If you have contemplated any of these questions.

You are not alone! 

The majority of Christians who start or want to learn Christian meditation really don’t know where to begin.

They may listen to Christian meditations on youtube, but have no idea how to use Christian meditation as a healing practice that will restore their peace, renew their minds, help them become more fulfilled and content, draw them closer to God, or heal their past!

As someone who has been both practicing and teaching about the transformative practice of Christian meditation for over 15 years now, I know what you need to be a successful and committed Christian meditator who can get results! . 

This is what I want to share with you in my:

Be Still & Know Christian Meditation Membershp

I’ve introduced over thousands of Christians to meditation. I want YOU to be next. 

Whether you want to restore your peace of mind, sleep better, draw closer to God, heal from your past, or relieve anxiety, this program makes Christian meditation accessible to you regardless of your knowledge or ability level.

You can listen to a bunch of meditations on youtube or even google it on the internet, but wouldn’t it be better to learn how to meditate effectively & start reaping the results more quickly?



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Inner Healing

Stop meditating at random. Move beyond your feelings and circumstances to create a consistent practice that addresses key areas of your life. The Be Still and Know Membership includes exclusive training audios and videos, guided meditations, courses, and healing tools to create more satisfaction with your life as well as your relationship with God. 

Slow down your thoughts to take more time to listen to God or hear His voice.

Learn how to meditate with purpose and in a way that completely honors your faith.

Have access to a large variety of tools to address the different seasons, emotions, and issues in your life.  Your one stop membership spot to enhance to mental, emotional, and physical well-being.


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Healing is An Inside Job

Too often we look outside of ourselves and seek the external things of life for happiness. The problem is that we’re looking in the wrong places. If you want inner peace and joy from within, then you must go within to find it. The Be Still and Know Membership will provide you with the guidance and tools you need to live a more peaceful, joyful, prosperous, and Christ-centered life. The membership contains a variety of courses and tools I’ve have created over the years that have helped thousands of people draw closer to God as well as themselves.

Why Choose this Membership?

Depressed, struggle with negative or wandering thoughts, need to heal the past, or just want to deepen your relationship with God? If so, healing is an inside job. Create a spiritual self-care routine to address your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being during the different seasons and circumstances in your life.  

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  • Your one-stop meditation spot
  • Topic-specific meditation mini-course to address the various seasons and needs in your life.
  • Healing tools to overcome toxic emotions, habits, behaviors that are holding you back.
  • Learn with experienced Christian meditation teacher, Rhonda Jones
  • Guided Christian meditations right at your fingertips for all the situations in your life.
  • New content added regularly so you can continue to transform and grow in your personal and spiritual development.
  • Connect with online community of like-minded believers traveling along the same path.
  • Ability to request content and meditations to support you in your healing process.
  • Live feedback during conference calls.
  • Interactive online events such as groups, workshops, and classes.

Where Do I Start?

As a member, you are free to dive into the modules of interest or that you need most. However, I encourage you to begin with the first four modules in this order: Setting Yourself Up for Success, Getting Started with Christian Meditation,  Building a Spiritual Foundation, and Christian Meditation for Peace of Mind. After completing these four mini-courses, you’ll have a great Christian meditation foundation.  After that, please continue onto the areas that interest you most or just go through each one mini-course chronologically.

Christian Meditation Success
Getting Started with Christian Meditation
Building a Christian Meditation Foundation Abide
Christian Meditation for Peace of Mind

See all modules below:

Be Skill and Know Membership Modules

See all Modules below:

  • Setting Yourself Up for Success
  • Getting Started with Christian Meditation
  • Building Your Christian Meditation Foundation
  • Christian Meditation for Peace of Mind
  • Christian Meditation & Physical Health and Healing
  • Christian Meditation for Inner Healing
  • Christian Meditation for Self-Love & Kindness
  • Christian Meditation & Meditating on God’s Word
  • Christian Meditation for Soaking in God’s Spirit
  • Christian Meditation for Manifesting your Vision
  • Christian Meditation for Spiritual Warfare
  • Walking Meditation Instruction
  • Scripture Meditation Audio Course
  • Best of Christian Meditation Series (Audios)
  • Emotional Healing Guided Christian Meditations and Affirmations (Audios)
  • Physical Healthy & Healing Guided Christian Meditations and Affirmations (Audios)
  • Worshipping God  Guided Christian Meditations and Affirmations (Audios)
  • Marriage, Family, and Relationships  Guided Christian Meditations and Affirmations (Audios)
  • Mindful Analysis & Spiritual Journaling Mini-Course
  • Recorded Live Guided Meditation Videos with Rhonda
  • Teaching Children Christian Meditation
  • Meditation Healing Toolbox
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Instruction
  • Christian Meditation & Emotional Healing
  • The Welcoming Prayer
  • 10- Day Christian Meditation Challenge
  • 10-Spiritual Disciplines (Daily Devotional)
  • Christian Yoga Challenge for Stress & Anxiety
  • Christian Yoga Workout Videos
  • Rhonda’s Spiritual Video Teaching Collection
  • Rhonda’s Recommended Videos
  • 4-Part It’s All In Your Mind Video Series
  • 5-Day Spiritual Self-Care Morning Routine
  • 12-Step Christianity Meditation Course
  •  5 Minutes with God Meditations for Busy Christians
  • Abundance & Success  Guided Christian Meditations and Affirmations (Audios)
  • Peace of Mind & Stress Relief  Guided Christian Meditations and Affirmations (Audios)
  • Discussion Forum & Opportunities to Ask for New Content
  • Christian Meditation, Mindfulness, & Weight Loss
  • Coming 2020: Dynamic Mindfulness for Children
  • Coming 2020: How to Create Your Own Manifesting Journal
  • Coming 2020: Testimony T.V. – Infuse Your Prayers with Power! 

To See All 36 Plus Modules in the Membership, CLICK HERE


Members Can Attend Monthly
Online Meditation Group for FREE!

Online Christian Meditation Groups

Join Member's Only Monthly Live Workshops !

See Topics Below for 2020-2021

Online workshops meet on Zoom. All you need is a computer, phone, or electronic device to participate. 

meditation workshops

Join Rhonda for a 75-minute free Christ-Centered Healing Yoga Class. The class focuses on the breath, slow and gentle yoga postures, scripture affirmations, and moving meditation. We will be incorporating some aspects of the healing techniques EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and the Welcoming Prayer into our practice. Both of these are healing techniques. Equipment: Yoga mat and pillow.  – FREE! Date and Time: Saturday, April 4 @ 8:30-9:45 a.m.

Yeshua Yoga Live Classes Online

Learn the what, when, and hows of spiritual self care.

Learn how to make and meditate with prayer beads to quiet your mind. 

Learn some hypnotherapy techniques with Rhonda to release some issues that you’re struggling with.

Struggle with limiting beliefs and negative self-talk? Learn how to replace that voice for your loving, nurturing, and empowering voice instead.

A spiritual journal can be essential to record our spiritual growth. Whether you have a journal or not, learn some additional spiritual journaling tips.

Learn how to use emotional acupuncture to release old hurts, pains, or unproductive patterns. 

Ready to release fear? Get a better understanding of fear and how you can release it when it shows up in your life.

Resistance can be both our friend and foe. Learn how to use resistance to manifest your dreams.

We all have our default ways of dealing with fear. Learn what it means to keep your heart open and live with more freedom.

Work with Rhonda to create your very own Manifesting Journal with Faith it Forward Stories and share them with the group.

Living in Alignment with God makes navigating life so much easier. Learn the steps to allow more of God’s influence in your life.

Are negative thoughts ruining your life? Learn some techniques to identify and stop negative thoughts and tame your restless mind.

Ready for a more joyful life. Learn some keys you can put into action today that will create for peace, happiness, and contentment. 

Toggle Content

*Topics subject to change without notice.  Zoom calls are live. Information to connect to meetings is available in the membership portal. Without membership, join for $15 each.

Access to All Live Video Conference Calls

All Christian meditation members have access to join me on all Zoom conference calls. These are scheduled periodically. Have questions, need feedback, want to share your progress, jump on a call. 🙂 See topics above.

Build Community

Be Still and Know Christian Meditation Members have access to private facebook group to share progress, get feedback, ask questions, and get new information.

Participate in Live Online Workshops with Rhonda?

As a part of your membership, you’ll be invited to live online workshops with Rhonda. Some of my favorite workshops include: Creating Manifesting Journals, Meditating with prayer beads, and book talks! Members can request workshops, meditations, and more. These are scheduled periodically. (See topics and schedule above.)

be still and know meditation membership

Why I Created the Be Still and Know Membership

As someone who suffered with chronic depression for 4-long years, it pains my heart to see my brothers and sisters suffer. Although as Christians, we’re supposed to have the joy of the Lord, so many of us struggle with anxiety, negative thoughts, and depression.

Over the past 15 years, I have been sharing this transformative practice through courses, retreats, and guided meditations. As a result, I have been able to hone my skills and training to help you facilitate your mental health and healing, and find inner peace.

Ready you get your peace back? Ready to draw closer to God? join the membership today!

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Over $1000 Worth of Products & Resources

  • 13 Plus Christian Meditation Courses That Focus on Specific Needs
  • 70 Plus Theme-based Christian Meditation & Affirmation Audios
  • 5 Minute Daily Meditations
  • Emotional Healing Tools and Resources
  • Bi-monthly Live Conference Call
  • Live Workshops for Members
  • Christian Yoga Workouts
  • Members Can Request New Content
  • Additional Video & Audio Courses 
  • Mindfulness for Children (Coming soon!)

* Most modules lessons come with both printed and audio instructions. Each modules contains a variety of lessons and/or materials. 

In addition to these, new materials will be added regularly to assist you in your ongoing growth and mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Members can also request new materials like video lessons, meditations and workshops.

Quick Look at Be Still and Know Membership Benefits:

  • Easy login and 24/7 access.
  • Save over purchasing individual meditations, affirmations, and courses.
  • Find support and accountability as you grow and deepen your Christian meditation practice.
  • Easy to get started with affordable price.
  • Learn how to meditate effectively using one or all of the methods included in the membership.
  • Cancel anytime.

Start Your Membership Today!


$19.00 A MONTH!



BEST VALUE: Receive 3 months free!*


$19 / MONTH

Billed monthly at $19


$180 / YEAR*

Receive 3 months free!*



Billed One Time


*These rates are locked in for as long as you are a member. If the prices increase for new members, it won’t affect your payment. 


Cancel your monthly membership at any time. Refunds are NOT available for the monthly membership. Persons who purchase the yearly members can request a refund within 3-days of purchase by requesting via email with reason for request. 

Questions About Membership

Question # 1- I am currently a Listening Library  or Academy member and would like to join the Be Still and Know Membership, what should I do?

Answer- You can go into the Listening Library or Academy and in the first or second module, cancel the existing membership and enroll in the Be Still and Know Membership.

Question #2- How does this membership differ from the Academy.

Answer: The Academy is not longer available for membership. The courses materials differ quite a bit but there may be a little overlap. In addition, the Be Still and Know Membership will be more interactive with live conference calls, events, updated content, and more. 

Question # 3- Can we request new content for the Be Still and Know Membership?

Answer- Yes you can. There is a section in the Discussion Forum where you can request guided meditations, mini-courses, specific topics and more. 

Question # 4- I am enrolled in the Abiding in Christ Course and see a lot of familiar content. Should I still enroll in the membership?

Answer- See the answer to question 3. The Be Still and Know Membership is an ongoing and interactive community that will continue to grow in content as well as live events. If you are interested in additional content and community events, then you can join for $19.00 per month. In addition, a lot of new course materials have been added. I will be adding all of the active Listening Library and Abiding in Christ Members to the private FB group. All members of any course can participate in Live Conference Calls. 

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