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For quickest response,  please send email for shipping inquiries. For download help, please CLICK HERE.

Having issues navigating the COURSES or LISTENING LIBRARY, please select and watch short instructional videos. If you are accessing via mobile phone, please watch that one as well:

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Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Send A Message & Help”

  1. Rhonda Jones

    Johnny, thank you so much for your encouraging letter. I will put that revision on my to-do list!

  2. Johnny Tang

    Dear Rhonda,

    I really appreciate your ministry. It has helped many including myself to enjoy God’s presence and love through the Holy Spirit in Christian meditation so that our faith in Christ can grow which produces strength to face and triumph in the spiritual warfare every day.

    I bought different guided meditation products a few years ago and am now using it every day and am introducing my friends to your ministry. I shared this with our congregation members when I preached on the past Sunday on spiritual warfare from Ephesians 6:10-13 to help them draw strength from Christ by developing close, intimate and loving relationship with God which is lacking in most Christians who might take in a lot of Bible knowledge.

    There is, however, one mistake in one of your products in the inyourpresence demo recording and the inyourpresence full version. You said that in Matthew 7 Jesus taught us to focus on the present, bury the past and not to worry about tomorrow. I believe you meant Matthew 6. You might want to update those recordings.

    Thanks and keep up the excellent work for the glory of God!

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